Thursday, April 30, 2015

Mother's Day with Ex Voto Vintage

Now that I'm a mother, I actually GET GIFTS on Mother's Day. Wahoo! What's hard is that you want something meaningful and cool, but it's also still *your money* buying the gifts...that whole "two become one" thing...I recently partnered up with Ex Voto Vintage to put together some picks of their jewelry that I would like for Mother's Day. I love that each piece is special and unique, and it's also in a great gift-giving price range. Check out their site! Their personalized pieces are especially great to me because you would wear them everyday and always have a happy thought when you saw the date or the name. Love that. And let's be honest about it, there are some really bad personalized things out there. Some zebra striped purses with hot pink monograms, some Comic Sans fonts on some coffee mugs. Their personalization is perfectly simple. 

If you are going to order for Mother's Day, all special engraving has to be ordered by May 4 for on-time arrival. For Free Shipping on your Ex Voto Vintage order, use the code MOM2015 through May 11th!

So dainty, yet a little bit tough.

Looks like a ring that would be handed down from generation to generation.
(The non-engraved version is above)

This would look great paired with a watch or worn alone or mixed with other 
bracelets on the other arm. 

Tiny rings stacked and worn on every finger are so hot right now.

Those little bone pieces make this necklace really unique. Love the idea of this layered 
with daintier gold necklaces above.

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