Saturday, February 14, 2015

Spring Pins! And Gingham!

Hey you guys. Happy New Year! Yeah, I know it's been the new year for, oh, almost two months, but it's just that having a baby that just turned one and trying to work full time has meant blogging hasn't been a priority. BUT--this brief hiatus has reminded me how much I love it, so my dear friends, 2015 is going to be the year of the Amber Lehman Styling blog. I don't care if I don't have the photoshop skillz to make this the most gorge blog ever, or if the template isn't the most up to date, the motto for 2015 is "TRY"...just do it. So, I'm over feeling bad about all that, and I'm moving on.

Between me, and Carrie, and Beth, we shop all the time, and we have the knowledge. And hopefully that's what you come to this blog for--tips and trends from people who ACTUALLY DO THIS FOR A LIVING. There. So, the first blog of the year is dedicated to spring pins I've found while I'm cooped up in the house because wrestling a one-year-old into a jacket like a wild hyena to go outside is just too much for me.

On this chilly Nashville day, I am dreaming about lighter layers and gingham. Yes, you heard me. Gingham. If you don't follow me on Pinterest, you should. Just my opinion. But I do think I'm a good pinner :). These and more can be found there!

Pinned here.
A classic trench has been on my list for a while. 

Pinned here.
1) My buns never look that good. Not my hair buns anyway...hey-oooooooo. 2) I once got in a catfight in high school with a girl and I was wearing gingham shorts. Annnnd, now gingham is back, and I am not as young as I once was. 
3) This is how you wear gingham. 

Pinned here
More denim on denim with a cozy wrap.

Pinned here.
This linen blend military green jacket is so on trend for spring.

Pinned here.
White overalls. YAYUS.
This is from the Citizens of Humanity Lookbook, all of which has been spot on.

Pinned here.
Loving the sporty trend happening right now. This outfit has so much fun texture and gets a shot of "not so serious" with those sneaks.

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