Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Suddenly So Cute::Old Navy

While I was home in Louisiana last weekend, I took my bi-annual trip to the Pecanland Mall in Monroe, LA. Sure the roof was leaking all over, it's in terrible shape, and there's a food court restaurant called "Food 'n' Food" and a salon called "Hair We Go", but I've never been one to sneeze at any mall. I don't often make it to an Old Navy, but decided to stop in since I had nothing else really going on. Let me just say, I was pretty shocked. I texted Carrie "somehow I just spent $100 at Old Navy." I truly couldn't believe how many cute things there were and for not just Theo. Me too! 

I know a lot of us don't love spending a ton of money on those especially trendy pieces for our wardrobe, so ON this season might be where you need to head to unexpectedly drop a hundred dollars. Don't expect these duds to last more than a couple seasons, but for this price, who cares? Here are some of my faves from the site right now. 

1 Tweed jacket, $39.94 // 2 Animal print belt, $16.94 // 3 Ooh La La sweater, $29.94 // 4 Felt baseball cap, $12 // 5 Felt smoking flats, $24.94 // 6 Elbow sleeve jersey dress, $29.94 // 7 Crinkle chiffon skirt, $20

Other things I love: this drop waist gingham dress (!), shiny skirt, and these lace-up sneakers.

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Caroline said...

Cool stuff! I bet they're getting sued for the "ooh la la" though - Zoe Karssen did that first.

Maybe I should have waiting since I paid full price :|