Monday, September 1, 2014

Lip Gloss Junkie::Summer Beauty Edit

Ahhhh...Summer. My favorite time of year. Life just feels a little more laid back. There's nothing like some sweet tea sippin' on the front porch swing. But, then there is the heat. Here in the South it gets HOT and humid. Makeup basically melts off your face the minute you walk outside. And, just forget about doing your hair. No need. So, I like to keep it simple. Lightweight shadow, a little mascara and the perfect sheer lip color.
Since it's now Labor Day, heralding the end of the summer I hold so dear, I thought it would be fun to share a few of the "can't live without" beauty products that I have been loving all summer long!
Ok, I would like to say this eye cream works wonders after all of my late nights out partying. But, it's actually just my lifesaver after night after night of NO SLEEP because I am 7 months pregnant. Oh, and my 4 year old is the worst sleeper known to mankind. This stuff is legit, y'all. And, it feels sooooo good after you apply. It's a serious must have. No dark circles, no puffiness. Amen.

This drugstore stuff is a weightless gel color with a hint of shine. It just gives you that gorge, natural look.

Throw some of this on after you shower and your skin will thank you. Seriously, it's the best body lotion I've ever used. And, the smell? Delish!

This is the perfect summer shadow. Why? Because... "Infallible Eyeshadow provides sweatproof, waterproof, crease-resistant wear with velvet-soft texture that blends easily, providing luminous color with a smooth, even finish." Bam. 

While we are at it, let's just talk about the effect that little to no sleep has on your WHOLE face. I swear, I feel like I have aged 10 years since having kids, er, I mean after all of my partying like a rockstar...This, my friends, is a magic potion. You will wake up with a glow. Trust me. 

There ya have it! My beauty round-up for the summer. Have a product you can't live without this summer? Hit me up in the comments section below.


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