Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fall Trends::Accessories

On this Friday the first weekend of the NFL season, let's get a little girly with accessories. All of these pieces will be equally great for your tailgate party or for your everyday life. 

Thank God for football and thank God for jewelry! Here are some of my fave things coming for Fall accessories. Hope your team wins (unless they are playing the New Orleans Saints in which case I hope you get stomped)!!

The bucket bag:  If you must (Oh, you twisted my arm) buy a new purse this fall, may I submit to you this fun shape.  You may never actually find your keys again in this cavernous thing, but you'll sure look adorbs walking instead of driving to all your destinations.  And think of all the calories you will burn carrying its weight.

Madewell Lafayette Bucket Bag, $198 (absolute perfection)

The boys baseball cap:  Has been around for a few seasons now, but loving the style with different fabrics like leather and wool as an alternative to a beanie for the chillier temps. 
The hat pictured above is here

J. Crew Colorblock Wool Baseball Cap, $39.50

A great scarf:  Of course I am super-biased about fashionABLE scarves because I help design them, but oh my gosh, they are also SO DARN CUTE.  The scarf pictured above and below is called the Eden, and it is the perfect thickness for Fall and early Winter but so super soft and cozy. You gotta have a scarf to keep the chill away, and it may as well support an amazing cause. 
Eden Scarf in charcoal, marigold, terracotta and ivory, $65

Dainty rings:  Have been loving this look for a while, and it's still going strong. Stack on as many as you can handle. Rose gold is a particular favorite of mine right now. 

Tiara Romance Ring on, $35.84

The lariat necklace:  I have one of these that Matt got me when we had Theo, and I get so many compliments on it. It is a great piece to spend a little money on because the shape is just so unique, and you'll want to wear it all the time and keep it forever. And might I suggest going ahead now and hinting to your husband about a "push present." It's pretty much the best and you've freaking earned it. 

Jennifer Zeuner Diamond Detail Double Mini Bar Lariat, $198
You can't really see the awesome detail on this, but there's a teeny tiny diamond on that bottom bar that is like the brandied cherry in the bottom of an amazing Manhattan--totally not necessary, but DANG.

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