Friday, July 4, 2014

Justin Moore featuring Motley Crue::"Home Sweet Home" video

I worked on a video with Motley Crue.  It was truly surreal to be in the same room as Tommy Lee. Granted I didn't actually work with them, I dressed Justin Moore, but still. Motley. Crue. I was never really into rock music when I was younger, partially because along with shows sure to turn me into a heathen like The Simpsons, I was not allowed to listen to it.  Tommy Lee was married to Pam Anderson though, and somehow I was able to watch Baywatch. Not sure how that worked out.

We dressed Justin for six set-ups, and my fave thing we bought for him was the jacket in his performance scene with Vince Neil which is by The Kooples. It looks like Justin, but with a rock edge. We wanted him to look the part while he stood next to hair band royalty. Happy 4th of July, people! Hope you're on your way "home sweet home" to celebrate!

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