Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Justin Moore::"Lettin' The Night Roll" Video

Happy New Year!  Just building a house and building a baby over here at Amber Lehman Styling.  The baby is 5 days past due, so there's that.  I figured why not write a blog since we're just hangin', me and him.  He's awfully coze in there apparently :-).

This Justin Moore video was an epic all-nighter where I was 30-something weeks pregnant, we wrapped at almost 5 AM, and I had a 8:30 AM call time the next day.  And the 3 days after that.  I had scheduled myself on a four-day shoot the same week.  Yeah.  That was a rough one.  Maybe not the best idea in hindsight.  But now I'm just sitting around waiting on a baby to come out and watching Pretty Little Liars.  There's redemption to this story.  

This video is the sequel to this video from last summer.  H/MU by Tarryn Feldman and Lindsey Davis.  Wardrobe styling by me.  Shot by Peter Zavadil in Portland, TN.


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