Friday, January 17, 2014

Imogene and Willie's Lucy

I've got several pairs of Imogene and Willies.  The Elsie flare is my favorite, but the Lucy might be my new favorite.  I've always wished they'd do a low-rise skinny, and they finally have!  Maybe I should go ahead and buy my size and let it serve as motivation to get the baby weight off.  When I finally have this kid of course.  

Buy the Lucy here.  Happy Friday, y'all!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Justin Moore::"Lettin' The Night Roll" Video

Happy New Year!  Just building a house and building a baby over here at Amber Lehman Styling.  The baby is 5 days past due, so there's that.  I figured why not write a blog since we're just hangin', me and him.  He's awfully coze in there apparently :-).

This Justin Moore video was an epic all-nighter where I was 30-something weeks pregnant, we wrapped at almost 5 AM, and I had a 8:30 AM call time the next day.  And the 3 days after that.  I had scheduled myself on a four-day shoot the same week.  Yeah.  That was a rough one.  Maybe not the best idea in hindsight.  But now I'm just sitting around waiting on a baby to come out and watching Pretty Little Liars.  There's redemption to this story.  

This video is the sequel to this video from last summer.  H/MU by Tarryn Feldman and Lindsey Davis.  Wardrobe styling by me.  Shot by Peter Zavadil in Portland, TN.