Wednesday, September 18, 2013

On Sale At Urban

You can tell me "thanks" when you go to the Urban website and see how much is on sale, but for now, know that I've gone through it all and pulled out the best pieces that you can still wear for Fall.  ALL of these prices are an additional 30% off 'til Sunday.  Sure, the site is full of cropped tee's with graphic obscenities on them, and the random mustachioed beer mug, but underneath all that, there's some really grown-up amazing stuff.  

Now excuse me as I go buy that mug.    

Sam Edelman Landon Harness Boot, $139.99
See two posts ago about how to wear your booties now and later.

Silence + Noise Teddy Boxy Blazer, $39.99
I can never get enough of a blazer, and a blazer that looks like it was worn by Julia Sugarbaker, 
I will never grow tired of.

Lazy Twins Neon Print Blazer, $79.99
I'm still not over a hit of neaon, and I'm still not over a little tribal print.  This is a higher end brand that they carry at Urban so this probably has an excellent fit.  

Silence and Noise Jogger Pant, $29.99
Ok, trust me on this one. Dressy Sweat Pants.  I know. 2011 Amber would have said no way Jose.  But, for real.  Half tuck a silk shirt in the front and wear with casual-ish heels like this.  Perfect for PMS days!!!!

Coincidence and Chance Polka Dot Pullover Sweater, $39.99
Well, I love polka dots like I love re-runs of The Notebook.  Except polka dots make me smile not bawl.  Polka dots don't look like Ryan Gosling though, so there's that.  Anyway, this sweater is awesome and looks great with those leather leggings. 

Goldendaze Newton Round Sunglasses, $24.99
Amazing sunglasses.  The end.

Bing Bang Geometry Stud Earring, $34.99
Bing Bang is one of my favorite dainty jewelry lines.  Love these in your second or third hole.

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