Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Guide to Itty Bitty Rings

From @songofstyle Instagram. You should follow her.  Great style pics.

The original girl to really rock a fistful of rings was Phoebe Buffay.  It was usually accompanied by some sort of weird hair-do, a large chunky necklace, and a thrift store wardrobe. So basically, it was totally awesome.  

Today's handful of rings is, well, a little more subdued.  Here's a little how-to.  Basically, you can wear just about as many as you want.  I mean, not on every finger, but you could wear a ring on most fingers; the size just needs to be varied a wee bit from teeny, tiny to medium.  It would look weird if you were wearing all these dainty rings and then a super huge one.  If you wanna wear a couple super huge ones, I would limit myself to two on one hand.

Feel free to mix metals without a care, mix new and old...but if you're going to do this look, nothing too tribal-y or New Mexico-ish.  Keep the rings on the clean, straight-lines side like they all could be distant cousins.  Be sure and mix in a first-knuckle ring or two and no thumb rings, please and thanks.  And add in a hand piece for extra bonus cool girl points.  Like this one from Luv AJ--one of my all-time FAAAVVEESS.

1 Rose Gold First Knuckle Ring, $64, Catbird NYC //  This ring is so versatile and comes in three finishes.  I am currently having a slight love affair with rose gold, so I would go with rose gold.  But that's just me.  And married ladies, simple rings like this look great layered with wedding bands!
2 14K Black Diamond Open Ring, $370, Zoe Chicco //  Zoe Chicco is a new fave jewelry designer that I just found out about.  She makes lots of dainty rings and necklaces with precious materials like pave diamonds that you'll want to layer with everything and keep forever. 
3 Vita Fede Crystal Ultra Mini Titan Ring, $150, Shopbop // Vita Fede is a little bit rock and roll and they make a couple of those bangles up in that pic on the top as well.
4 Mychelle Ring, $220, Jennifer Zeuner // So many killer things by this talented lady.
5 Shiny Black Tusk Ring, $$60, Luv AJ // About half of my daily jewelry is by Luv AJ.  I want this ring to go with the pyramid stud tennis bracelet that I already have!
6 Negative Space Ring in Gold, $39, Low Luv by Erin Wasson //  Oops.  I have this ring already too.  In silver.  I get tons of compliments on it every time I wear it.  

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