Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Guide to Itty Bitty Rings

From @songofstyle Instagram. You should follow her.  Great style pics.

The original girl to really rock a fistful of rings was Phoebe Buffay.  It was usually accompanied by some sort of weird hair-do, a large chunky necklace, and a thrift store wardrobe. So basically, it was totally awesome.  

Today's handful of rings is, well, a little more subdued.  Here's a little how-to.  Basically, you can wear just about as many as you want.  I mean, not on every finger, but you could wear a ring on most fingers; the size just needs to be varied a wee bit from teeny, tiny to medium.  It would look weird if you were wearing all these dainty rings and then a super huge one.  If you wanna wear a couple super huge ones, I would limit myself to two on one hand.

Feel free to mix metals without a care, mix new and old...but if you're going to do this look, nothing too tribal-y or New Mexico-ish.  Keep the rings on the clean, straight-lines side like they all could be distant cousins.  Be sure and mix in a first-knuckle ring or two and no thumb rings, please and thanks.  And add in a hand piece for extra bonus cool girl points.  Like this one from Luv AJ--one of my all-time FAAAVVEESS.

1 Rose Gold First Knuckle Ring, $64, Catbird NYC //  This ring is so versatile and comes in three finishes.  I am currently having a slight love affair with rose gold, so I would go with rose gold.  But that's just me.  And married ladies, simple rings like this look great layered with wedding bands!
2 14K Black Diamond Open Ring, $370, Zoe Chicco //  Zoe Chicco is a new fave jewelry designer that I just found out about.  She makes lots of dainty rings and necklaces with precious materials like pave diamonds that you'll want to layer with everything and keep forever. 
3 Vita Fede Crystal Ultra Mini Titan Ring, $150, Shopbop // Vita Fede is a little bit rock and roll and they make a couple of those bangles up in that pic on the top as well.
4 Mychelle Ring, $220, Jennifer Zeuner // So many killer things by this talented lady.
5 Shiny Black Tusk Ring, $$60, Luv AJ // About half of my daily jewelry is by Luv AJ.  I want this ring to go with the pyramid stud tennis bracelet that I already have!
6 Negative Space Ring in Gold, $39, Low Luv by Erin Wasson //  Oops.  I have this ring already too.  In silver.  I get tons of compliments on it every time I wear it.  

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Thomas Rhett in Country Weekly

We always strive to have our boys look like they just stepped out of GQ, not like the Buckle puked on them and then they walked the red carpet.  Obviously Country Weekly likes our style too!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Brett Eldredge::Late Night With Jimmy Fallon--"Don't Ya"

Woo! Rocking it in a sweet blue shirt by Sand last night on Fallon!


Friday, August 2, 2013

Sunglasses, Tear Sheets, and My Process

Lots of times before music videos and photo shoots, the record label will provide a mood board or a look book with inspiration for the shoot--things the artist likes to wear, the direction we want to go.  But sometimes I am tasked with reading the treatment and then providing this inspiration.  I recently worked on a video for an artist that was country, but I wanted to give it a fashion-y twist and keep it young. Below are some of my tears and some of the things I bought for it.  Fun, huh?  Yeah, I look at magazines for a living sometimes.  Dream job.

Abbey Road Sunglasses, $18, Free People / 2 Flash Off Crop Top, $8, Nasty Gal / 3 BDG Overall, $69, Urban Outfitters / 4 Converse Leopard Print Hi-Top, $60, Zappos / 
Interlock Turban, $24, Nordstrom / 6 Enamel Triangle Earrings, $10.18, ASOS