Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Jana Kramer::"I Hope It Rains" Video


There aren't too many music video shoots that involve water guns, paint-filled balloons, and cannon balls into a pool.  So, this one was fun.  Oh yes it was.  AAAAANNNNDDD, we got to trash a wedding dress.  It just feels good to be destructive sometimes, doesn't it, Jana?  Watch this video as she wreaks havoc on her ex's wedding festivities.  And doooo take note of those amazing Louboutins she is wearing in the performance scene.

Thanks so much to Sherri Hill for letting us paint the crud out of their dress and to white Chuck Taylors for just being awesome.

Before paint...


Friday, July 12, 2013

Dara Maclean::"Wanted" Album Cover and Video

The album cover!!

Y'all, this spring I got the amazing pleasure to get to work with Dara Maclean on the styling for her new album "Wanted", out September 24 on Word Records.  She couldn't be more fun!  She has drool-worthy beachy waves in this video and a voice that is just mmm, mmmm, mmmm.

I styled the album cover and video, which were shot in Isla Mujeres, Mexico.  Unfortunately, I did not get to go (bummer!!)  BUT, I did help with what turned out to be some amazing wardrobe that reflected the vitality of the city they were in as well as the beach.  Check her out!  For real.  That girl good.


BCBG Max Azria jumper, Zappos, $172.99
*Also, come on Zappos, those shoes are horrible with it.  Way too heavy.  
Go with a strappy, open-toed sandal*

On the cover of the album, which you very obviously cannot see in full-length, Dara is wearing a jumper that had us all drooling on the floor and having our own individual conniption fits about how awesome it was.  You can have it on sale at Zappos right now!  And the jewelry she is wearing throughout is mostly by Charlene K.  

Still shoot photos by Allister Ann, Styling by me, Art direction by Shane Tarleton

Monday, July 8, 2013

New Fave Lip Product::CoverGirl Jumbo Gloss Balm

To the shock of no one, I've found a new lip product that I love.  CoverGirl jumbo gloss balm. I'm the girl who consistently has about 14 (not an exaggeration) shades of lip gloss falling out of her purse at all times, so I'm no rookie.  I do always love a gloss for summer because I think it works with the way I like to wear my makeup, which is sheer, shiny and minimal.  However, I also love a good pop of color when all I want to wear is mascara, but want to look, well, alive.  

I'm also not the girl who wants to go all the way during the day time with an extreme pink like NARS Schiap (which I adore) or do something super matte either.  This gloss balm literally strikes the perfect balance.  It feels like a lip balm, and you can build the color to be as bright as you want.  It's also not shiny or sticky like a gloss.  The color I love "Haute Pink Twist" provides just enough oomph for a summer day so that you're not "that girl" walking into the coffee shop at 9 in the morning, making people wonder where you left your high heels and your going-out clothes.