Thursday, June 27, 2013

Brett Eldredge::"Bring You Back" Album Cover

Brett's new album cover (Out August 6th!)  Hubba, hubba.
Wearing Naked and Famous shirt + Kane and Unke jacket
Oh, and my talented hubs did Brett's logo.  All in the family!!

Brett Eldredge is easily one of my favorite clients.  But I'm pretty sure I say that about all my clients.  Matt says I'm completely biased toward all of them and that their songs could be horrible, and I would still think they were the best.  It's kinda true, I must admit.  But I have heard this album, y'all.  And it is incredible.  The boy's voice is like whipped butter on a piece of cornbread from Cracker Barrel, and the songs are really good too.  (Not that you read this blog for album reviews or anything.)  

Back to style.  So I love Brett's style because it's different for country.  We try to go a little more GQ for him, which I'm always into for the dudes.  So here are some images that I pulled for inspiration for our photo shoot a couple months ago.  Clean, simple, well-fitting, and sexy.  If every man would just pick clothes like this, we'd all be better off.  No need to throw a man scarf on top of everything or wear a crazy graphic tee.  Oh, and it doesn't hurt to get your butt to the gym every now and then like Brett does.  

Photo at top courtesy of Brett's Instagram.  Wardrobe by yours truly.  Photo by Joseph Llanes.  Hair and Makeup by Kirsten Pate Kelly.  Art Direction by Shane Tarleton.

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