Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tim McGraw and Taylor Swift::"Highway Don't Care" Video

I am so proud to have been the stylist on this stunning video for "Highway Don't Care" directed by Shane Drake.  I worked with Tim McGraw and the actors on this two-day shoot, shot here in Nashville.  One of the days, I swear I was in a dead sprint five or six times before 10 AM!  It was a crazy couple of days, but turned out amazing.  Bravo, Taillight (production company) and everyone involved!



lcase said...

Hi Amber, I've been searching all over the web, can you please tell me what the brand is for the long sleeve shirt Tim wears in the video. I love it!!!

Amber Lehman said...

Hi there, the sweater is by John Varvatos. They do this sort of lightweight sweater every season.