Wednesday, May 1, 2013

3 at 3::Nail Polishes

I am typing this right now with a great deal of regret.  My nails aren't painted, and I feel like a shell of myself.  I also think my hands look older, but that's neither here nor there.  I am addicted to nail polish.  See "nail polish party" a few weeks ago.  There was no way I could go through the week of 3 at 3 and not pick 3 nail polishes.  I kinda think these three might be the perfect spring colors.  Not loud and out-there enough to be summery, just subdued enough for the still kinda-chilly nights of Spring.

#1 is maybe the perfect nude.  It looks white in the picture, but it has a little bit of flesh tone, but not enough to blend into your skin (the worst.)  It also has enough "oomph" to not look like you're just wearing sheer polish.  I hate that about some nudes.  It's like, it if I wanted to look like I wasn't wearing polish, I would just use a sheer top coat.  #2 I haven't actually tried this one yet, but this is Drew Barrymore's new line exclusive to Wal-Mart, and I am just itching to try all the products.  (And how perfect is this color??!!)  She swears that all the products are super premium and worth way more than the price, so if someone who was in E.T. says it, then I automatically believe it.  #3 comes highly recommended from this lady, also a lover of nail polish.  She says this is her favorite pink, and I've seen it in person.  It might be the perfect pink, AND it's less than $3.  Wowzas.

1 "My Vampire is Buff" by OPI, $5.30 on Amazon // 2 Flower Nail'd It Nail Lacquer in
"Thistle OR That?", $4.98 Wal-Mart // 3 Forever 21 Nail Polish in "Baby Pink", $2.80

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Caroline said...

My best friend gave me "My Vampire is Buff"! I love it.