Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Suddenly So Cute::Johnston & Murphy

Johnston and Murphy?  I know.  I was pleasantly surprised myself to walk into the conference room/showroom here at their Nashville headquarters and see that they had some pretty amazing pieces!  The folks here at J & M recently brought me on board to put together some outfits with some of their new styles to show some ways to wear them to the office.  These were looks that could easily transition to a dinner or drinks after work, so they had to be stylish and office-appropriate!  It wasn't hard at all because their new product is SO GREAT!  I love the women's but am particularly impressed with the men's line, as I think it works so well with the revival in men's fashion of a more classically-dressed man.  Bow ties, fitted pants and jeans, tailored shirts, Billy Reid, and J. Crew all pair PERFECTLY with the new men's lace-up colors.

I will show you a men's outfit today featuring the classic Ellington wingtip and a women's outfit tomorrow that we put together for them.  Pretty handsome, huh?  I've always said I love a man in seafoam green pants.  I mean, haven't we all, ladies?  Let me know what you think!

One of the ads in their new ad campaign.  Love it.

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