Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Best Non-Leather Leather Pants

Making it work with a leather jacket
(artsy photo courtesy of Kevin at BBR Mgmt)

Last week I got to work with an awesome new artist on Broken Bow Record Group named Lindsay Ell.  She is a super-talented chick guitar player and often rocks an electric on stage, so duh, I bought her some leather pants.  The best pair I've found under $1000 is by J Brand, and I used these on her.  Whoa, I know.  They're $895.  While paying this much is necessary for a pair that is going to be worn at show after show (they need to really last), for me who is just wearing them because they're a trend, I'm going faux.  And I have found THE BEST ONES.  

I used these faux ones in a shoot, and got the same reaction there as I do when I wear them.  My art director actually asked how we were fitting leather pants in the budget.  (We're not!)  They're not real, they're under $100, and they're at Urban Outfitters.  Leather pants are huge for spring, so if ya want to go for it, here's your pair for $69 :).

BDG Twig High-Rise Faux Leather 5-pocket pant, $69
Comparison time!!!  BDG from Urban Outfitters on left (mine), J Brand on right (Lindsay's...yeah, she's tiny.)  You can obviously tell next to each other 
that the ones on the right are real, but the BDG ones don't look bad, do they?

Kim Kardash rockin some leather pants and an easy t-shirt.  Pretty sure hers aren't faux.

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