Monday, March 11, 2013

On My Radar::Holographic Stuff

Kate Moss with an off-the-hook holographic clutch.

One of my recent obsessions has been this above picture.  Yes, it's Kate Moss and she does no fashion wrong, but for Pete's sake, would you look at that HOLOGRAPHIC clutch?!  It's perfect with her all-black ensemble!  Around the time I got obsessed with finding a holographic clutch, the cute gal who checked me out at Anthropologie had the loafers on below.  They would make any outfit look cooler, and who doesn't love a hologram?  And if you're above 21, maybe keep the holographic touches to accessories or a perfectly placed trim.  

Deena & Ozzy Electro Oxford, $49, Urban Outfitters
Also really adorable (AT PAYLESS!)

Color Club Holographic Nail Polish, $10
And here's a hologram TOP COAT!

Deena & Ozzy Hologram Clutch, $24.99, Urban Outfitters
This Stella McCartney one is to DIE FOR.

Mind Trip Tee, $38, Nasty Gal

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AnnieBlogs said...

Please tell me Hypercolor is on it's way back too.