Thursday, March 28, 2013

Adorable Rain Coat Alert

April showers bring May flowers, right?  Might as well look cute while it's happening, huh?  Just about the world's most adorbs rain coats below!
Free People Utility Raincoat, $88

Rain Dots Keep Falling Raincoat, $129.99

Merona Plus-Size Hooded Rain Jacket, $42.99

Milly Simona Rain Trenchcoat, $332.50

Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Best Non-Leather Leather Pants

Making it work with a leather jacket
(artsy photo courtesy of Kevin at BBR Mgmt)

Last week I got to work with an awesome new artist on Broken Bow Record Group named Lindsay Ell.  She is a super-talented chick guitar player and often rocks an electric on stage, so duh, I bought her some leather pants.  The best pair I've found under $1000 is by J Brand, and I used these on her.  Whoa, I know.  They're $895.  While paying this much is necessary for a pair that is going to be worn at show after show (they need to really last), for me who is just wearing them because they're a trend, I'm going faux.  And I have found THE BEST ONES.  

I used these faux ones in a shoot, and got the same reaction there as I do when I wear them.  My art director actually asked how we were fitting leather pants in the budget.  (We're not!)  They're not real, they're under $100, and they're at Urban Outfitters.  Leather pants are huge for spring, so if ya want to go for it, here's your pair for $69 :).

BDG Twig High-Rise Faux Leather 5-pocket pant, $69
Comparison time!!!  BDG from Urban Outfitters on left (mine), J Brand on right (Lindsay's...yeah, she's tiny.)  You can obviously tell next to each other 
that the ones on the right are real, but the BDG ones don't look bad, do they?

Kim Kardash rockin some leather pants and an easy t-shirt.  Pretty sure hers aren't faux.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Brett Eldredge::Don't Ya

I have been waiting for this video to come out FOREVER.  I LOVE LOVE this song, absolutely cannot get enough of it.  And you're gonna feel the same about hottie Brett Eldredge in this video.  The man that can rock a blue button-down like none other....Brett Eldredge, ladies and gentlemen!  (Directed by Mason Dixon)

                              Don't Ya - Brett Eldredge - Brett Eldredge Videos

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Duri Cosmetics Nail Party

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I could not have been more excited when Duri Cosmetics asked me to try out their new Spring nail polish colors.  Y'all might remember a couple years back when I decided I was gonna be a girl who always painted her nails.  (Well, I've kept it up like a champ.)  I am now on my second color of the Duri Spring 2013 collection, "The Showstopper", for the week and I am LOVING it.  All the colors are fabulous, and since I got a special preview, they aren't on the site to buy yet, but I will let you know when they are!  We all felt the polish was pretty durable, and my favorite thing is that they are really bright, and the color is not wussy.  I know that's a bad way to describe it.  But in other words, it doesn't take three coats!  They also have one of allure magazine's favorite nail strengtheners, Rejuvacote, which we all used as a base coat.  I'm going to keep using this on my weak nails to see if it helps strengthen them.

Hey, and might I also recommend getting all your girl friends together and having a nail painting party?  That's what I did, and it was SO fun.  I put together a little champagne bar.  Yep, CHAMPAGNE. BAR. Champagne + lots of mixers you could add, complete with a do-it-yourself menu.  Then we all tried the colors around my living room coffee table with snacks.  Bless his heart, Matt ran upstairs like his butt was on fire to get away from all the estrogen.  He said the last thing he wanted to be was Paul Rudd's character in "I Love You, Man."  Remember him?  Always wanting to hang out with Rashida Jones' friends and her friends were like, your husband needs to get some guy friends.  Yeah, so Matt watched sports and probably did other manly stuff upstairs like push-ups.

Snacks 'n' Polishes

See how much fun we're having?  You need to do it.

Sharing tips!  Our resident nail-polish guru, Lyndsay Rush, shared a trick for taking off polish that is GENIUS.  Find it here!

What's not to love when there's cheese involved?

The finished product!  Aren't those colors AMAZING!!  Something for everyone, I say.
Starting from botton right and going clockwise:  Showstopper, One Night Only, Afterhours, Satin Treat, Call Me Maybe (my fave!), and Dream Catcher (2nd fave!)

Monday, March 11, 2013

On My Radar::Holographic Stuff

Kate Moss with an off-the-hook holographic clutch.

One of my recent obsessions has been this above picture.  Yes, it's Kate Moss and she does no fashion wrong, but for Pete's sake, would you look at that HOLOGRAPHIC clutch?!  It's perfect with her all-black ensemble!  Around the time I got obsessed with finding a holographic clutch, the cute gal who checked me out at Anthropologie had the loafers on below.  They would make any outfit look cooler, and who doesn't love a hologram?  And if you're above 21, maybe keep the holographic touches to accessories or a perfectly placed trim.  

Deena & Ozzy Electro Oxford, $49, Urban Outfitters
Also really adorable (AT PAYLESS!)

Color Club Holographic Nail Polish, $10
And here's a hologram TOP COAT!

Deena & Ozzy Hologram Clutch, $24.99, Urban Outfitters
This Stella McCartney one is to DIE FOR.

Mind Trip Tee, $38, Nasty Gal