Friday, February 15, 2013

ALS Hair Diaries::Beth's Faves

Here's Beth!  Of course she has her hair up here.  Dang it. 
And apparently I am wearing a scarf as a blanket.

There is actually a store in the Pecanland Mall in Monroe, LA, (my hometown mall) called "Hair We Go."  (Matt made sure to Instagram that one the last time we were there.)  So, I'm not the first one to say, "hair we go." But nonetheless, HAIR WE GO with another hair post from, this time, my other able-bodied and wonderful assistant (and sister-in-law!!) Beth! And today's her birthday--HAPPY BDAY, BETH!!

Beth has fine but thick, very low-maintenance long hair. She never colors it, and is the type of girl that wants to keep her hair healthy but not have to mess with it a whole lot.  So her product picks are definitely more for the gal who wants to wash and go, or wash, blowdry and go.  So, welcome Beth to the blog family and read on.  

"Why? With long hair I can't have something that dries out the ends when it cleans the scalp. This is not cheap shampoo or conditioner, but I love it and will splurge on it every so often."
2. Fav conditioner/treatment: It's a 10 Miracle Hair Mask
"Why? Again, keeping the ends healthy on long hair is the most difficult, especially if you are not getting your hair cut very often (me!). This stuff is not heavy and does not weigh down my fine hair but is very moisturizing. It lasts forever, so I'd say worth the bucks, and it's even available at Walgreens."
"Why? Thick strong bristles detangle while softer boar bristles evenly distribute natural hair oils. LOVE this thing. It is also the bargain version of the super deluxe Mason Pearson, which runs about $150 on Amazon."
4. Go-to heat protector: CHI Silk Infusion serum
"Why? If you use any heat to style your hair (including blow dryer) the best way to keep your hair hydrated is to use something to protect it from the heat. This helps prevent split ends. The CHI brand is on the cheaper end of the spectrum, and there are a lot of other good ones out there, but this one does the job for me!" 
5. Fav blow dryer: Sharper Image Ionic Hair Dryer
"Why? It is quieter than any other I have heard. It says the type of heat it produces lowers the frizziness in hair, but even if you don't agree with that, can't complain about the long-term lack of hearing loss. They also say it dries hair faster because of the ionic technology."
6. Fav weird home remedy: using olive oil for itchy scalp
"Why? It's all-natural and it works. Pour warmed oil directly on scalp while over tub and leave it on there for 10-20min. Then shower normally. Effects last from 4-6 days. It's like dumping a bunch of lotion on your scalp. This time of year, I def need it!!"

Happy Weekend, y'all!  You can find me soaking my entire head in olive oil.  Bye!  ~Amber

P.S.  Beth is a fab letterpress printer, and you can check out her work at her "real job" here.  Look at this wedding invite--gorge, huh?  Letterpress really takes invitations, biz cards, and note cards to the next level in my opinion.

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