Thursday, December 6, 2012

Party Style::Monaco Blue

I was emailing a little today with my friend Sam from Word Entertainment who coordinates the merch for all his artists.  Oh, merch?  That's a Nashville term for the stuff artists sell at concerts.  :)   Anyway, we were chatting about the color forecast for Spring 2013 so he could predict what might sell as far as  shirts and designs.  That got me to thinking, hey why not be a little ahead of the game and pull a holiday dress or two so you can wear Spring now, but so you can even wear the dresses later!

One of the big colors for spring is called Monaco Blue.  I've recently had an obsession with navy, which is real close to this, especially mixed with pink.  I managed to get two different fashionABLE scarves produced, in fact, that were a combination of the two.  So of course, the polish is pink and it will totally complement and pop.  I picked a clutch too, but the shoes are up to you!  Hope your parties are lively as all get out this year.  P.S. ModCloth has SO many great dresses at SUCH great prices.  TTYL!

1.  Elegance with a Sparkle Dress, $99, ModCloth; 2.  DVF Carolina Lips Metallic Clutch, $395 
3.  Essie Nail Color in Fiesta, $8,
I love navy or blue with pink.  Switch it around and do a neutral nail color  with a pink clutch if ya want!

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