Monday, December 10, 2012

Grrrrr....Leopard Print in Country Weekly

I'm quite certain that leopards don't "Grrr..." but it's pretty hard to recreate their howl in the subject line of a blog post.  So just go with me on this one.

This clip was in Country Weekly recently, and I thought I would share.  God bless him, how brave is Jake Owen for wearing leopard print on a jacket?  Pretty brave.  It's much easier to pull off on a perfect wrap dress like Lauren's.  It's by Parker.  They do this shape every season, and it LITERALLY looks good on EVERYONE.  No lie.  

Here it is at Bloomingdale's in an ombre snake print, featuring my favorite color, purple.  I'm telling you.  Cannot go wrong with this baby.  

Parker Wrap Dress in Concord Python, $242, Bloomingdale's

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