Thursday, November 29, 2012

Joanna Smith::"We Can't Be Friends"

Gorgeous new video debut from Joanna Smith on tap for ya today.  I adore the dress she is wearing in the solo performance shots.  I think is the perfect, airy number for such a wistful, emotional song.  The all-day outfit she is wearing is of course featuring my fave--an oxblood top--and probably the best black skinny jeans I've used on anyone.

I'm not sure what Citizens puts into them.  Crack maybe?  Some special skinny serum?  Pajama pants material?  Anyway, they are the perfect blend of stretchy, but won't stretch out; soft, but not so weak they will wear out; and fitted.  They are literally amazing, oh-so-comfy, and the rise is perfectly mid-rise.  If you are looking for a new black pair, let me highly recommend these.  


Citizens of Humanity Avedon skinny jean in Axl, $178, Piperlime.

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