Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fall Must Haves::Poncho Lovin'

I recently had the absolute privilege to style the Peter Nappi Fall 2012 campaign.  I could not have been more excited to work their gorgeous shoes and handbags into some very cool looks like the above.  I mean, that car??!!  All those textures the guy is wearing!  And who could not completely DIE over that poncho.  OMG, that poncho.  I've been completely obsessed with getting a poncho and wanting to buy everyone a poncho since this shoot.  The particular one above is vintage from Local Honey here in Nashville.  But I have rounded up a few more pics and some fave ponchos below.

Ponchos are never gonna scream "form-fitting", "look at my hot bod", or "I'm going to work at the law firm"...what they are going to scream is hippy glamour and casual coolness.  Thrown on over patterned leggings like we used above or simple skinny jeans and a t-shirt on a chilly fall day will take your look from snoozy to exciting.  Anyone can wear a normal sweater after all, so choose a poncho to make your fall "working at the coffee shop" or your "it's chilly on this airplane" look a lot more fashionable.
1.  Hooded Poncho, Free People, $65.  I just used this poncho on Joanna Smith for her video "We Can't Be Friends", and it looked amazing.  Not to mention it is so cozy, I wanted to curl up in it and take a nap in the hair and makeup chair.
2.  Velvet with Contrast Lining Poncho, Winter Kate, $465.  So this isn't the most budget friendly, but  I love the velvet with that awesome peek-a-boo fun lining.
3.  Tie Wool Cape, Ann Taylor, $148.  So they call this a cape, but it's basically a poncho with a built-in belt, which is definitely more flattering.  I also used this on the Peter Nappi shoot, and we edged it right up with a leather dress and black tights underneath.  Right on, Ann Taylor.
4.  Maisie Cape, Anthropologie, $198.  When I was in Chicago this last week, I saw a gal wearing a black version of this over burgundy skinny jeans, tucked into lace-up boots, and it looked so chic, I wanted to style stalk her.  What an amazing way to wear a "coat" when it's not technically coat weather yet.
Eclectically cool.  Sweet Docs and geeky frames.

                 Black on the bottom and a chic handbag make the print of this poncho really sing.



                                                                              Source: via Jessica on Pinterest
                                                              Absolute Perfection.

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