Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Peter Nappi Fall Look Book

I just love the new Peter Nappi Fall Look Book. I styled it, and the photos were taken by Sarah Barlow, Hair and Makeup by Tianna Calcagno, and art direction by Amy Conte and Stephen Schofield. It's a real BEAUT! Hope it inspires you to go wear some boots or better yet, go buy some at PETER NAPPI!  


Monday, October 29, 2012

Red Carpet Tips for Real Life!

It's CMA Week again!  "Country Music's Biggest Night" is what they say.  It's MY biggest night because it's always a bit of a party after a stressful week.  After all these years of dressing guys and gals for red carpets, I have learned a few tricks along the way, and I wanted to share them to help you look your best for your next event.  Maybe your red carpet is your company Christmas party or your Instagram photo from your friend's bachelorette party.  Hey, you still wanna look your best!

TIP #1:  Always eat healthfully (at least the day of your event) so you feel your best.  Often what you put in your mouth can really affect your mood and the confidence you feel for yourself!  I suggest a protein-rich breakfast of a scrambled egg white omelet packed with veggies, some wheat toast, and coffee to get ya going!  And DON'T FORGET TO EAT throughout the day.  Not eating can be almost as bad as overeating!  A steady intake of healthful snacks throughout the day like raw almonds, string cheese and lots of veggies (plus drinking water!) will keep your mood soaring and keep you from feeling bloated on your big night.
World's best snack.  Horizon string cheese.

TIP #2:  Invest in proper undergarments.  You will look so much slimmer and really make the most of your assets if you are wearing the right underthings.  The right size and shape bra for your outfit can make you look perkier and stand taller.  And DON'T be afraid of Spanx!  Spanx are the best supporting actress at ALL red carpet events!  Even for the slimmest of gals, Spanx can smooth out all the bumps, giving you the best silhouette possible!  And as far as underwear--NO PANTY LINE IS A GOOD PANTY LINE.  Get yourself some Hanky Panky thongs or the Target brand nude thong is only $5, and lies perfectly smoothly and doesn't catch on fabric.

SPANX 'Higher Power' Brief, $36, Nordstrom

TIP #3:  Do at least one thing to pamper yourself!  Whether that is getting a facial a few days before your event, getting a mani/pedi, or just taking a hot bubble bath, going into something like a red carpet where there are cameras everywhere or events where you're sure to be tagged on Facebook TONS of times, these little things will make a big difference in your outlook!  

TIP #4:  Think about having your makeup professionally applied. You can go to the MAC counter at your local department store and for just committing to buy around $40 worth of makeup, a professional can apply your makeup for you.  If you don't have time or don't need any more Studio Fix in your life, just think about adding a few false eyelashes to the outer corners of your eyes.  It's amazing what either a professional or a little trip to Walgreens can do for your look!

TIP #5:  Don't forget to work out.  I always feel more confident at my events if I've worked out that day or at least a few times that week.  Even though that extra 30 minutes on the elliptical likely won't affect how you fit in your dress, it sure will get those endorphins going and help you feel your most confident!

TIP #6:  Wear lipstick!  Even if you're a gal who on a daily basis only wears Chap Stick, you gotta step it up at an event.  Those aforementioned cameras will be everywhere, and so as not to look like a character from the Walking Dead, you need a little color on your face.  I'm not saying pull out the fire engine red, but even a wash of color on your lips will make you look alive.  And don't forget your cheeks!  Add a little extra blush right on the apples--smile and where your cheeks get kinda plump right there beside your nose, just dust a little more on.  It will make all the difference in photos!
Nars Orgasm Blush, $28 (my fave blush and looks great on everyone!)

LORAC Buxom Lip Polish, $19, Sephora
Love this lipgloss.  A great wash of color goes a long way in photos.  

TIP #7:  Speaking of photos, know your good angles!  In my experience, there are so many artists who are super cute but come off STUNNING in photos because they know their angles.  To find your "good side", so to speak, have a friend take pictures of your face at all angles, starting at around 30 degrees from your shoulder and going all the way to the other side.  It should be pretty clear what looks best once you see the photos.  Now, practice that!  Some simple guidelines:  Keep your chin OUT and *slightly* DOWN in photos to elongate your neck.  And then when you've found your angle, add it on and BAM.  You're in.  If you are getting a full length photo of yourself taken, the most flattering position for your legs is crossed right above the ankle or one leg slightly in front of the other with the weight on your back foot and your arms away from your body--elbow slightly crooked or hand on hip. If your arms are pasted to your sides, you look like a block.  Not a good look :-).

Jana Kramer at the BMI Awards 2011 with one foot in front of the other...perfectly posed.

Julianne Hough (my old sweet-as-can-be client) at the Billboard Music Awards 2012...
weight on one foot, crooked leg, hand on hip.  

TIP #8:  Add a little sparkle.  One of my favorite quotes is from Oscar Wilde:  You can never be overdressed or overeducated.  In my book you can also hardly ever be over-accessorized.  What better time to bring out those blinging earrings!  

TIP #9:  Finally, know that this is supposed to fun!  If you're having fun, it will show.  Realizing that so much of getting pretty and going to events is for fun and not taking yourself or the event too seriously will make you feel much more relaxed.  If something should go wrong, you'll take it all in stride and live to see another day!  

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

FashionABLE Guest Picker

Today is a fun day because I am a featured blogger or "guest picker" is more like it, over on FashionABLE's blog.  One of my dreams is to be the guest picker on College Game Day, which fits right into this fall-themed blog, so I'm happy to get a little practice on scarves.  In my pics, I wear one of my favorite tried and true original scarves, the MULU, in a fab new color for Fall called Terracotta.  I also share some of picks for other Fall faves.  Those of you who know me will think I'm SO predictable.  

Oh, and here's a fun surprise, for all my blog readers TODAY ONLY (!!) you can get 20% off your entire purchase over on LiveFashionABLE.com using the coupon code, "AMBERFAVES".  Woo!  Get some Christmas gifts.  These are seriously the best.  

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fall Must Haves::Poncho Lovin'

I recently had the absolute privilege to style the Peter Nappi Fall 2012 campaign.  I could not have been more excited to work their gorgeous shoes and handbags into some very cool looks like the above.  I mean, that car??!!  All those textures the guy is wearing!  And who could not completely DIE over that poncho.  OMG, that poncho.  I've been completely obsessed with getting a poncho and wanting to buy everyone a poncho since this shoot.  The particular one above is vintage from Local Honey here in Nashville.  But I have rounded up a few more pics and some fave ponchos below.

Ponchos are never gonna scream "form-fitting", "look at my hot bod", or "I'm going to work at the law firm"...what they are going to scream is hippy glamour and casual coolness.  Thrown on over patterned leggings like we used above or simple skinny jeans and a t-shirt on a chilly fall day will take your look from snoozy to exciting.  Anyone can wear a normal sweater after all, so choose a poncho to make your fall "working at the coffee shop" or your "it's chilly on this airplane" look a lot more fashionable.
1.  Hooded Poncho, Free People, $65.  I just used this poncho on Joanna Smith for her video "We Can't Be Friends", and it looked amazing.  Not to mention it is so cozy, I wanted to curl up in it and take a nap in the hair and makeup chair.
2.  Velvet with Contrast Lining Poncho, Winter Kate, $465.  So this isn't the most budget friendly, but  I love the velvet with that awesome peek-a-boo fun lining.
3.  Tie Wool Cape, Ann Taylor, $148.  So they call this a cape, but it's basically a poncho with a built-in belt, which is definitely more flattering.  I also used this on the Peter Nappi shoot, and we edged it right up with a leather dress and black tights underneath.  Right on, Ann Taylor.
4.  Maisie Cape, Anthropologie, $198.  When I was in Chicago this last week, I saw a gal wearing a black version of this over burgundy skinny jeans, tucked into lace-up boots, and it looked so chic, I wanted to style stalk her.  What an amazing way to wear a "coat" when it's not technically coat weather yet.
Eclectically cool.  Sweet Docs and geeky frames.

                 Black on the bottom and a chic handbag make the print of this poncho really sing.



                                                                              Source: sincerelyjules.com via Jessica on Pinterest
                                                              Absolute Perfection.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The One That Got Away::Ginny Owens

Y'all might remember the little feature I started up a while ago where I tell you about a piece from a fitting that just didn't *quite* make the cut for our shoot.  When I worked with Ginny Owens a couple weeks ago, we never found a great place to shoot the Rebecca Minkoff Madison dress, but that doesn't mean we didn't absolutely LOVE it!

1.  I am obsessed with Ginny Owens.  She is such a lamb and one of the loveliest people I've ever met.  Her music MOVED me so much in college, and I still think back to some really hard times this song got me through.  2.  I'm obsessed with this PRINT!  It is absolutely the perfect mix of pretty and rock-n-roll, and the dress itself could not be more flattering.  If you want a piece that is slimming, here's a little secret, look for dresses and shirts with perfectly placed vertical lines.  Makes you look longer and taller.  And who doesn't want that, right?

RM made a slouchy blazer and a shift dress in this print this season, but this fitted dress with black tights and booties, would get you through many a wedding shower, cocktail party, or fancy dinner.  I can't handle how great it matches back to a cropped leather jacket and tough jewels for a night out.

Is this an incredible print or what?