Monday, September 10, 2012

Suddenly So Cute::Surf Lines

Quiksilver Check Stripe Poncho and Lorne Skinny Horizon Jeans, $89.50 and $64.50
As you guys have heard me talk about before, I picked up surfing a couple years ago and wish almost every day that I had started earlier, that I had been born on the beach (with the same family, of course), or that my parents had traveled around with us in a Volkswagen van from beach to beach when I was a kid.  Well, I can only make it to a surfable spot about once a year, so I fear that I've probably reached my peak.

Since I do love surfing so much, it's made me more aware of all the adorable surf lines that are out there.  I was in Rosemary Beach, FL, this last weekend, and I visited a really cute shop called Bombora Sun and Surf.  I was reminded of just how wearable so many pieces from lines like Quiksilver and Roxy can be, usually with that laid-back cool that comes with living a surf life.  And they're usually pretty well priced!

Check out some pieces I found online that might remind you to be on the lookout too.  Quiksilver is probably the most impressive.  They have Quiksilver and QSW, which is for the ladies, and a really simple but beautiful look book.  So, basically turns out you don't have to be in the market for a wetsuit to get a cute top or dress from Billabong or Roxy these days.

QSW Liberty Maxi Dress, $78.
1.  Sable Sleeveless Blouse, Quiksilver, $78.  It's a horse print!  I love this with cutoffs and lace-up black boots with maybe a black blazer to top it off for horsin' around town. 
2.  Red Cedar Sweater, Roxy, $59.50.  This sweater thrown on over your yoga clothes instantly makes you ready for a run to the mall.  Doesn't it just scream "cozy"?
3.  Gold Bar Bracelet, Pura Vida, $20.  These Pura Vida bracelets support local artisans in Costa Rica (my love).  They are simple and well-made and would look great layered with all your other bracelets.
4.  Raleigh Bootie, O'Neill, $64.  I have a rash guard from O'Neill.  Who knew they made cute on-trend booties?  These look way more expensive than they are, and are a must-have boot height for Fall.
5.  Royal Serpentine Pant, Insight, $78.  You can find these amazing printed jeans on one of my favorite sites,  They always have an awesome selection of surf brands as well as some of my other faves like MINKPINK, Dolce Vita, and Scotch and Soda for dudes.
6.  Sheer Tunnels Dress, Quiksilver, $124.  For Fall, with a felt hat, boots and a sweater layered on top of this cute dress, you are good to go!
7.  All Mixed Up Backpack, Billabong, $54.  If surfers know how to make something cute and functional, it is a backpack.  It makes perfect sense really--you gotta be able to get your change of clothes fashionably to the beach so you can get right out of that wetsuit and right on over to Beverly Hills High.  Oh, yeah, that's only on 90210.  Nonetheless, some dang cute surf backpacks out there.

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