Monday, September 17, 2012

Brandon Heath::Jesus in Disguise

Twelve to sixteen hours.  The average on-set time for a music video these days.  And yes, that's about 11-15 hours spent on one's feet.  So, yes while I love my job, and I love shooting music videos, it's sometimes just a little bit awesome when you run into one of your clients (today: Brandon Heath), and they tell you that they just shot a music video.  You're all, "Oooooh...sooooo..." and then they say, "Yeah, but we used all the clothes you bought me, and it looked great!"  Whew.  While you're always secretly a little bit happy that you didn't have to show up and stand for those many, many hours, you're kinda on the other hand saying in your head, "Oh gosh, what did they go and wear."  But yay!  I had already bought him all the clothes.  That was a close one, Brandon.  Here is his video for Jesus in Disguise, and he is wearing clothes, yes, purchased by yours truly.

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