Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Best of Summer 2012::Beauty Edition

                                                                                      Source: theeffortlesschic.com via Amber on Pinterest

This pic is the most re-pinned photo on my Pinterest Beauty Board.  I titled it "Summer Face" when I pinned it b/c I thought that it was the PERFECT amount of makeup and glow for summer.  I've pretty much replicated it every day since.  #1 take home message is you can find my Pinterest Beauty Board here.  #2 The "Lip Gloss Junkie" Carrie and I have gathered ALL of our favorite beauty products from summer right here in an all-star blog.  We've tried them all too, and Lord knows we're not getting paid to write about 'em!  It's just cuz we wanna help some sisters out!  

Hope you had an amazing summer and you're probably like me...ITCHING FOR FALL!  Luckily these products are not limited to your summer use, they will transition right on over to fall AND winter! 

1.  Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter, $7.49, Drugstore.com.  So smooth and sheer, but GREAT color.  I love the light pink and coral.  ~Carrie
2.  Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF20, $58, Nordstrom.  Amber and I both LOVE this for the hot summer months and anytime, really!  It has perfect, sheer coverage, a really nice sheen, and doesn't feel thick, which is NOT what ya want when you're gonna be sweatin' this much!  ~Carrie
3.  Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Facial Cleanser, $6.97, Walmart.  In the summer I generally wanna wash my face every waking moment because it feels so intensely disgusting with all this humidity.  We should be careful with what we put on our faces too, and this face wash has no harsh chemicals.  It doesn't over dry and it has the perfect amount of suds to scrub away the sweaty mess you call your makeup at the end of a steamy August afternoon. ~Amber
4.  Natural Light Face Lifting Duo, $19, Bare Escentuals.  I know Amber loves this too.  It's perfect powder and perfect highlighter.  It's literally so versatile and really brightens your skin for the ideal amount of summer glow!  ~Carrie
5.  LipSurgence Matte Lip Tint in Lively, $24, Tarte Cosmetics.  This baby is my go-to for perfect night-out (ahem, camera ready) lips. It is matte, so it literally stays on FOREVER, but you can add a bit of sheer gloss to the top for an extra shot of shine to match your sheeny flawless face if ya want. ~Amber
6.  Too Faced Natural Eye Shadow Collection, $36, Too Faced.  A natural eye is the only way to go for daytime in the summer.  I absolutely adore this set in this adorbs little palette. ~Carrie
7.  Herbal Insect Repellant, $8, Burts Bees.  This "bug spray", or "mosquito dope" as we call it in Louisiana, wards off bugs using only essential oils.  Plus it smells great!  Therefore, you won't reek of Deep Woods Off and you'll be mosquito-free, all while knowing that cancer juice is not seeping into your skin. ~Amber
8.  Pixi Nail Colour in Coral Cabana, $8, Target.  ::THE PERFECT DAY-GLO ORANGE to match your tan::  Hands down my fave nail polish of the summer!!  You don't think you'll get attention?  Check out my toes below at my bday party (in dim light, I might add.)  They were clearly trying to steal the spotlight on my big night. ~Amber
9.  Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets, $5.49, Drugstore.com.  Matt caught me several times this summer going completely nuts with these..."Haven't you blotted your face like 10 times today already?" They are completely addictive, I tell you! And they fit perfectly in your clutch.  AND they're easy to come by at any drugstore. ~Amber
10.  Sephora Collection Outrageous Volume Mascara, $15, Sephora.  Want lashes like that gal up there? I promise you this mascara will absolutely do it. ~Amber

My Pixi-polished toes on the right :-). Shoes by the Perfect Pair. Pic by Caroline Mitchell. 
Other feet by Nichole Ocepek.

Tarte lips in "Lively" with the also quite lively Ashley Eicher.

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