Thursday, August 30, 2012

Justin Moore:: "Til My Last Day" Video

Justin Moore is hands down one of my favorite clients.  He is so nice, and so down to earth!  This video conveys a touching, down home story that kinda makes me think that Justin could easily be one of the dudes in the video.  In fact, those "dudes"?  I'm pretty proud of them.  My instructions were to make them look like "workin' men"...Sleeveless tee.  Camo hat turned around backwards.  Steel-toed boots.  Light wash, loose fitting jeans.  That's the uniform, and I know this because my brother and my dad are "workin' men" in Louisiana.  Of course, I dressed Justin and his band and all the other extra's.  Directed by Peter Zavadil, such a sweet story.  What do you think?  Pretty accurate wardrobe, right?



Jordan Thomas said...

What is the brand name of Justin's denim jacket?

Amber Lehman said...

Hey there, Jordan! The brand is Diesel. It is a trucker style jacket that they make a lot. Thanks for reading.