Tuesday, August 28, 2012

FashionABLE Fall Faves!

So I'm gonna share with y'all my FashionABLE Fall Faves, and also one of my new FAVE FRIENDS--Blanca from Group1Crew.  I tell ya, this girl is as beautiful inside as she is outside, and she challenges me so much, both with her fashion sense AND with her heart!  I am having so much fun with her and Manwell on the GOG tour.  Check out the video we did for the new FashionABLE Saba Infinity as well as a couple more scarves I think you will love below!

Oh, and Manwell's "Top Down" playlist is amazing.  Check it out on Spotify here.  (It has an NSYNC song on it!  See?  This is why I love them so much.)


Etanesh Stripes, Navy and Coral Pink, $36

Saba Infinity, Rust and Grey, $36

Feleku, Olive and Black, $44

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