Monday, August 27, 2012

FashionABLE Fall Collection

Y'all I'm sure are sarcastically saying, Well, Welcome back, Amber. It's nice you decided to join us back at the blog.  Thanks, and you don't have to be mean about it.

I've been so dadgum busy this last month, but in a GREAT way.  I started Girls of Grace again...traveling around the country with one of my besties, Annie Downs, all the gals from Point of Grace and lots of other speakers and artists. We talk to girls about all kinds of girl stuff, God stuff, and I do an awesome "Classy, Not Trashy" fashion show.

In the meantime, I also "art directed"(put that one in quotes, because of just how loosely I art directed it) the fashionABLE Fall look book.  You can view that baby below.  I heart it for the fact that it's actually pretty great, and we did it pretty much for free (Thanks, Jeremy Cowart.)  And it always helps to have a friend (thank you, Annie), who has an awesome yard and a couple dead trees in it to make a sweltering July day look like Fall, and a few fashionABLE interns to make a fab chandelier out of scarf scraps.  Our goal was Fall BBQ  meets cool kids party, where (duh) everyone happens to be wearing a scarf.

Warning!  This look book is gonna make ya wanna go buy some scarves, so open at your own risk.  Tomorrow's post will be all my faves and a video!

                                                                    Open publication

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