Thursday, August 30, 2012

Justin Moore:: "Til My Last Day" Video

Justin Moore is hands down one of my favorite clients.  He is so nice, and so down to earth!  This video conveys a touching, down home story that kinda makes me think that Justin could easily be one of the dudes in the video.  In fact, those "dudes"?  I'm pretty proud of them.  My instructions were to make them look like "workin' men"...Sleeveless tee.  Camo hat turned around backwards.  Steel-toed boots.  Light wash, loose fitting jeans.  That's the uniform, and I know this because my brother and my dad are "workin' men" in Louisiana.  Of course, I dressed Justin and his band and all the other extra's.  Directed by Peter Zavadil, such a sweet story.  What do you think?  Pretty accurate wardrobe, right?


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

FashionABLE Fall Faves!

So I'm gonna share with y'all my FashionABLE Fall Faves, and also one of my new FAVE FRIENDS--Blanca from Group1Crew.  I tell ya, this girl is as beautiful inside as she is outside, and she challenges me so much, both with her fashion sense AND with her heart!  I am having so much fun with her and Manwell on the GOG tour.  Check out the video we did for the new FashionABLE Saba Infinity as well as a couple more scarves I think you will love below!

Oh, and Manwell's "Top Down" playlist is amazing.  Check it out on Spotify here.  (It has an NSYNC song on it!  See?  This is why I love them so much.)


Etanesh Stripes, Navy and Coral Pink, $36

Saba Infinity, Rust and Grey, $36

Feleku, Olive and Black, $44

Monday, August 27, 2012

FashionABLE Fall Collection

Y'all I'm sure are sarcastically saying, Well, Welcome back, Amber. It's nice you decided to join us back at the blog.  Thanks, and you don't have to be mean about it.

I've been so dadgum busy this last month, but in a GREAT way.  I started Girls of Grace again...traveling around the country with one of my besties, Annie Downs, all the gals from Point of Grace and lots of other speakers and artists. We talk to girls about all kinds of girl stuff, God stuff, and I do an awesome "Classy, Not Trashy" fashion show.

In the meantime, I also "art directed"(put that one in quotes, because of just how loosely I art directed it) the fashionABLE Fall look book.  You can view that baby below.  I heart it for the fact that it's actually pretty great, and we did it pretty much for free (Thanks, Jeremy Cowart.)  And it always helps to have a friend (thank you, Annie), who has an awesome yard and a couple dead trees in it to make a sweltering July day look like Fall, and a few fashionABLE interns to make a fab chandelier out of scarf scraps.  Our goal was Fall BBQ  meets cool kids party, where (duh) everyone happens to be wearing a scarf.

Warning!  This look book is gonna make ya wanna go buy some scarves, so open at your own risk.  Tomorrow's post will be all my faves and a video!

                                                                    Open publication

Saturday, August 4, 2012

On My Radar::Kelly Green

I've pretty much been obsessed with buying a kelly green blazer ever since I saw this pic on Pinterest.  (Follow me!  Follow me! I mean, if ya want.)
                                                                       Source: via Amber on Pinterest

And then if my favorite HGTV personality and house blogger Emily Henderson didn't go and paint her guest room kelly green.  Gah those Golden Girls curtains.

I went ahead and bought myself some sassy kelly green shorts when I was in New York a couple weekends ago and then while I was rambling around online today, I put together a fun group of kelly green stuff that you can buy too to get in on the fun.  I can't really think of a single person that can't wear this color.  Sure, not every pale person on the planet can wear olive green, but a brighter green like kelly is much more universal.  And as long as you aren't wearing it head to toe, you won't look like the Lucky Charms mascot.

1.  Essie "Mojito Madness" Nail Polish, Amazon, $4.20.  Super fun.  And apparently named after my last vacation.
2.  BB Dakota A'Marie Shorts, Thompson Fifteen, $62.  I love a pair of skorts for the melt your face off heat we've been experiencing.  Not clingy!  And these are long enough that you don't burn your buns on your leather seat after your car's been parked for 3 hours in said heat.
3.  Doodles Pencil Necklace, Kate Spade, $78.  Kate Spade is always good for a little whimsy and color.  And think of all the jokes you could write down with a pen around your neck.
4.  Dress with Asymmetrical Shoulder, Zara, $89.90.  Not QUITE kelly, almost forest, but SO sophisticated for a dress you'd usually see in black.
5.  Silk Elysian Dress, Madewell, $118.  Dress this baby up or down with wedges or flats.
6.  BAGGU Zipper Bags, BAGGU, $12.  BAGGU makes tons of super durable bags, pouches, cases, you name it.  And note how good that citron yellow looks with that kelly (Like this top.)  Also, take this tote to Whole Foods and you'll be green in more ways than one.  What?  You'll make people green with envy.  I'm stopping.
7.  Singing Lessons Top, ModCloth, $37.99.  Just a wee bit of green with that bow.  I would wear this with high-waisted dark jeans and a messy bun.
8.  Mini 5 Zip Clutch, Rebecca Minkoff, $195.  One of the happiest purses alive.

Some colors that kelly green likes to pal around with:  

CREAM!  I know.  Not a shocker.  I just love her hair so I wanted to use this picture.  
COBALT BLUE!  Kelly green and cobalt blue are total besties.  

PINK!  Can go Lilly Pulitzer very quickly so make sure you keep the look a little funky and if you do patterns, probably don't do a floral.

LIGHT DENIM!  This broken in jean jacket tempers the effect of the shirt.  So chic.

Meredith Andrews::Photo Shoot

I recently did a photo shoot with one of my longtime clients and friends, Meredith Andrews.  We're on the Girls of Grace tour together, so we actually get to hang out since she lives in Chicago full time!  This was such a successful photo shoot full of amazing outfits that I was DYING OVER.  The image below is one she is using for the release of her new single Not For a Moment (After All), which you can hear and watch below and download on iTunes here.  I love her twig necklace that has the cutest little sparkles...

Photo Courtesy of Word Entertainment // Shot by Angela Talley