Monday, July 2, 2012

Lip Gloss Junkie::The Carrie Clutch

Me and my Carrie clutch in NYC!
Hey kids!  I put Carrie back to work on her next beauty post, but we just had to skip over lip glosses this time around and highlight a new purse that she has been carrying that is just KILLING ME.  Let her tell you all about it!  Love, AL

Ladies and Gentleman. My dreams have come true. I have a namesake in the form of a handbag, and my inbox is blowing up. All because of this gorgeous bag! Everyone that sees it falls in love. It is so soft and buttery, and gosh, who doesn't love butter?! 

My new friend, Katie Harmon Ebner, custom made one for me and my Style Me Perfect partner in crime (whose name also happens to be Carrie) for a business trip we were taking. Thus, the "Carrie Clutch" was born :).  Each foldover clutch is handmade from Italian vachetta leather and has artful stripes, available in a variety of great colors. All clutches are made to order.  And fab.  Plus, it has a pocket that perfectly fits your iPad. And most importantly, your lipgloss. Win!  Go support Katie and her small business, and I promise you will get an awesome clutch out of the deal.  Her Etsy shop is called Ma Chérie Finery.  All the colors are on the site, and you can see me carrying the gold version above, and the other Carrie is carrying the pink below!

I'm hard at work on my next post...dreaming up the perfect summer face.  Amber and I are going to team up to tell you about all our favorite summer beauty products to help you beat the heat.  Stay tuned!

Carrie, the Lipgloss Junkie

Here's an extra good look at it, up close and personal, on the other Carrie :-)

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