Thursday, July 19, 2012

5 Jewelry Designers You Probably Don't Know (But You Should!)

Someone recently told me I was really great at accessories.  I mean, I guess I am?  You kinda hafta be decent at it to be a stylist.  I DEFINITELY go the extra mile where accessories are concerned, and I LOVE THEM myself.  They can really make or break an outfit!  You can go from tasteful to tacky in no time.  From classy diva to saloon girl in a hot second.  And a simple t-shirt becomes a statement with the right jewels, darling.  (Add Blanche Devereaux from Golden Girls voice there.  That's how I hear that sentence.)

As I've gotten a little older I value my jewelry not looking costume-y...oh, and not turning your skin green when you wear it or making your hands smell like metal (don't you hate that?)  There is certainly a time for the well-placed pair of Forever21 earrings, but for things you wanna keep for a long time, and wear every day--like signature pieces--you gotta look for real materials, at least gold-plated or vermeil, and you're gonna HAFTA spend a little more, IF ya wanna be able to give it to your future daughter, that is.  Otherwise, eat your heart out in the costume jewelry--there's really some great stuff out there!  

I wanted to introduce you to a few of my favorite lines I've recently unearthed; there is a range of prices below too.  I am always on the hunt for new and different pieces to add to my collection that not everyone has.  It was hard to narrow to just five!  Hope ya like!  And feel free to leave me your faves in the comments!  
Bijouterie:  SO MANY CUTE THINGS.  I mean, everything is adorable by Bijouterie.  If you like skulls?  Got 'em.  Crosses?  Got 'em.  Stacks of bracelets?  Got 'em.  Cuffs?  Yep, those too.  I had a hard time picking one representative for this line to go below.  You should go to the site and 
for reals look at everything.  You'll love!

Skull Stacks, starting at around $65 for 3
Ethereal by Sarah Richey:  This gal has ties to Nashville--she studied at Belmont!  After pursuing some other creative avenues, she ended up a jewelry designer.  Well, I think she's found her calling.  Each of her pieces is so beautiful, yet raw and organic.  My FAVE kind of jewelry!  I am LOVING all of the ones with geodes and various kinds of stones (This druzy stone bracelet is to die for.)  So GORGE.

Sarah Richey "Isaac" agate slice pendant necklace, $253
Elma Blint:  I first came across this line on a visit to the Brooklyn Flea with one of my besties, Caroline.  I just got back from NYC, and of course, we had to make a visit to Williamsburg to see all the goodies.  It was so BLASTED hot.  So hot.  When I got to the Elma Blint booth my popsicle was literally pouring sugary peach popsicle juice all over the jewelry.  I hurriedly bought Carrie a birthday gift, but I literally COULD NOT choose anything for me.  I loved it all so much, I couldn't pick just one!  I might hafta just order myself something online in the coziness of my central A/C.
Elma Blint Finger Cuff in Vermeil, $245
Holst + Lee:  This is another Brooklyn-based design team that is making some bracelets that are practically begging for an invite to your arm party!  They are all handmade, which is super awesome, and that magnetic closure looks legit.  I LOVE THEM.  This guy here could be your big gold watch's BFF.

Holst + Lee "Neon Cactus" mixed fabric bracelet, $160
Moorea Seal:  I first learned about Moorea on Pinterest actually.  She is super stylish and pins a ton of great things, not just jewelry.  The pieces in her line are all very well priced and so so cute too.  She has a studded bracelet that I recently ordered, and I CANNOT wait for it to come in!

Moorea Seal Terrestrial Earrings, $25


candace said...

I discovered Kendra Scott here in Austin. She's got incredible stuff and is growing in popularity nationwide.

candace said...

I discovered Kendra Scott here in Austin. She has had a huge local following and is now getting some serious national attention. She has gorgeous stuff that's already being knocked off!

Amber Lehman said...

Yes, Candace! Love Kendra Scott! Is carried by a boutique here in town. So pretty! Thanks for commenting!

Jennifer said...

Great post! I have an accessories question for you: what earrings is Jana Kramer wearing on the bike in the "Why ya wann" video? The dangly, linked circles? Those are so pretty and simple.

Amber Lehman said...

Hi Jennifer, They are Lucky Brand :-).

FabulousFugle5 said...

What was the name of the studded bracelet you ordered from Moorea Seal (Kelly Ann) (Katrina) (DIana)?

Just curious!