Thursday, June 28, 2012

Swimsuits I'm Dying Over

Juicy Couture Diamond Stripe Ring Two-piece, $49 each piece
I personally do not get into floral swimsuits.  They always end up feeling too "Griswolds go to Hawaii" on me or something.  Just not my thing.  So this is the perfect antidote!  Still a cute pattern and colorful, and boyshorts are my swimwear jam.

Underwire crop top, $68 + Solid bottoms, $48 in neon orange, Free People
I love that this suit has those cups and plenty of fabric underneath them.  For girls who are a little bigger busted, it can be really hard to find a suit that is supportive enough for the "gals."  So many of these retro-inspired suits have the underwire, which provides the necessary lift.  And side note, this gal has quite an arm party going on.  Lady, you're gonna get quite the uneven tan lines rocking those babies.  

Polka Dot Ruched One Piece, Pret-a-Surf, $370
Okay, so that's a lot of cash for a swimsuit.  I didn't say I was "buying over."  I said "dying over."  But I do love Pret-a-Surf, partially because I am completely obsessed with the surf line, and I am completely obsessed with surfing.  The rash guards are exceptionally cute.  And this swimsuit is guaranteed to be flattering on most gals.  Cuz ruching is a girl's best friend. (View their current surf collection here.)

Delta Burke Black 'n' White Swimsuit,, $59.25
If you're a curvy girl, this pattern is gonna be rockin' on you.  Actually, it's just a cool zigzag, but it's gonna create a sweet illusion right there at your waist to make you look nice and nipped in.  Also, this suit would be great on a girl who is more boyishly shaped to give the illusion of curves!  (Here's another great one for doing that, but with stripes.)

Mix and Match One Shoulder Bikini, Urban Outfitters, $75
I know this is slightly weird, but that's why I love it.  I will wear an animal print as a neutral ALL DAY LONG.  Again with the ruching.  Again with the retro-inspired.  My love of animal print, documented.

And if you're awesome, you probably need this sweet pool float.  From Urban Outfitters for $18.


Caroline said...

Love this post, Amber! You've got something for every girl on here.

ashley h said...

red and white polka dots!!! love that one so much.