Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"Come Over"::The Necklace

Lots of you guys have emailed and asked which necklace in particular the beautiful model in "Come Over" is wearing.  Dun, duh-duh-DAH!  It's the gorjana 3-disc necklace in gold.  Like I mentioned before...the girl living in that house has precious jewelry that she just kinda always wears.  That's the pretend story I came up with, of course.  And well, she'd probably be wearing something from Tiffany or H. Stern or some other really expensive Bachelorette-y Neil Lane piece that costs a bajillion dollars, this necklace rings in at a modest $70.  It's a beauty in person though.  You can buy it on gorjana's website here.


Unknown said...

Could you tell me where I could find the swim suit from "come over"?

Amber Lehman said...

Hi Cameron, there's a while post on it! If you go to the comments section, I give the links to both top and bottom. http://blog.amberlehman.com/2012/06/come-overthe-swimsuit.html