Thursday, June 28, 2012

Swimsuits I'm Dying Over

Juicy Couture Diamond Stripe Ring Two-piece, $49 each piece
I personally do not get into floral swimsuits.  They always end up feeling too "Griswolds go to Hawaii" on me or something.  Just not my thing.  So this is the perfect antidote!  Still a cute pattern and colorful, and boyshorts are my swimwear jam.

Underwire crop top, $68 + Solid bottoms, $48 in neon orange, Free People
I love that this suit has those cups and plenty of fabric underneath them.  For girls who are a little bigger busted, it can be really hard to find a suit that is supportive enough for the "gals."  So many of these retro-inspired suits have the underwire, which provides the necessary lift.  And side note, this gal has quite an arm party going on.  Lady, you're gonna get quite the uneven tan lines rocking those babies.  

Polka Dot Ruched One Piece, Pret-a-Surf, $370
Okay, so that's a lot of cash for a swimsuit.  I didn't say I was "buying over."  I said "dying over."  But I do love Pret-a-Surf, partially because I am completely obsessed with the surf line, and I am completely obsessed with surfing.  The rash guards are exceptionally cute.  And this swimsuit is guaranteed to be flattering on most gals.  Cuz ruching is a girl's best friend. (View their current surf collection here.)

Delta Burke Black 'n' White Swimsuit,, $59.25
If you're a curvy girl, this pattern is gonna be rockin' on you.  Actually, it's just a cool zigzag, but it's gonna create a sweet illusion right there at your waist to make you look nice and nipped in.  Also, this suit would be great on a girl who is more boyishly shaped to give the illusion of curves!  (Here's another great one for doing that, but with stripes.)

Mix and Match One Shoulder Bikini, Urban Outfitters, $75
I know this is slightly weird, but that's why I love it.  I will wear an animal print as a neutral ALL DAY LONG.  Again with the ruching.  Again with the retro-inspired.  My love of animal print, documented.

And if you're awesome, you probably need this sweet pool float.  From Urban Outfitters for $18.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Edens Edge::Country Weekly Style Feature

When Big Machine Records Publicity gal Erin Burr asked if I'd be interested in providing some style details about the Edens Edge video for Too Good to Be True to Country WeeklyI said, "Wait, you want me to talk about fashion and then you want to put a close-up, perfectly circular picture of my face in a magazine?...I'm in!"  Read all about the behind-the-scenes planning for TGTBT below and pick up your own copy of Country Weekly on news stands now!  Uhh, George Strait's on the cover.  Oops, I kinda still love him and if anyone ever called me to work with him, I would just die right here on my couch.  I promise you, George, I will iron the fire out of those Wranglers and get that crease just right. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"Come Over"::The Necklace

Lots of you guys have emailed and asked which necklace in particular the beautiful model in "Come Over" is wearing.  Dun, duh-duh-DAH!  It's the gorjana 3-disc necklace in gold.  Like I mentioned before...the girl living in that house has precious jewelry that she just kinda always wears.  That's the pretend story I came up with, of course.  And well, she'd probably be wearing something from Tiffany or H. Stern or some other really expensive Bachelorette-y Neil Lane piece that costs a bajillion dollars, this necklace rings in at a modest $70.  It's a beauty in person though.  You can buy it on gorjana's website here.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

CMT Awards::Who We Dressed + What They Wore

Lauren Alaina:  dress by French Connection, shoes by Zara, earrings by Gerard Yosca, ring and bangles by David Yurman

Edens Edge (left to right):
Cherrill Green--dress by Cut 25, earrings by Dori Csengeri, and bangles by David Yurman
Hannah Blaylock--dress by Theia, jewelry by David Yurman
Dean Berner--jeans by Naked and Famous, shirt by Ben Sherman, tie by All Saints, jacket by Zara

Kenny Chesney:  sweater by John Varvatos with custom-tailored pants
Grace Potter (who we did not dress but we did help accessorize):  dress by Kaufman Franco

Thomas Rhett:  jacket by Theory

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Edens Edge::"Too Good To Be True" Video

As I alluded to in my previous post about Hannah's amazing red lipstick and nail polish, this is one sassy video.  AND THEIR KILLER ALBUM COMES OUT TODAY!!!!!

 We styled the band and worked with the extra's on this one.  And ya know, just sitting here looking at the still shot of them.  I mean, seriously.  How good looking are they?!  It's kind of not fair, really.  But they're also talented!  How many girls do you know who play the mandolin like Cherrill, and how many dudes do you know that can rock a dobro solo like Dean Berner? I should probably just go get the album.  It's only $6.99 on Amazon and iTunes!

There's going to be a "Country Weekly" article that talks in great detail about this video and all the fashion that went into it.  I will let y'all know when it comes out!

For now, just feast your eyes on this killer piece by Peter Zavadil.  It's a SUPER COOL me it feels very "not Nashville", which I think is such a refreshing change.


Monday, June 11, 2012

"Come Over"::The Swimsuit

You guys have officially made the black bikini in the "Come Over" video the most commented about topic in the history of this blog.  Here it is!  Let me tell you, if you are going to order it for yourself, I'd think about going up a size on the bottom because IT. IS. MINISCULE.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Kenny Chesney::"Come Over" Video

Y'all.  I have been SO excited for this video to premiere!  Working on videos is one of my favorite things because there's usually a story, so there's an element of "costuming" that we get to capture with current wardrobe.  So fun!  In "Come Over", the theme was sort of "James Bond"--you know, with the boat, the swanky house--so we wanted to make the girl look like a Bond girl.  In some of the more recent Daniel Craig "Bond" movies, the girls look like bombshells, but not in an overly sexy way.  A Bond girl is also classy.  She wears clothing that is beautiful and usually pretty simple but with a slight twist.  An example of where we translated this in the video is in the swimming scene.  This girl is definitely not going to just throw on a triangle bikini.  And she's certainly not going to be caught dead in anything with neon colors, polka dots, or ruffles.

Of course she also wears her jewelry while she swims.  Because she can.  All the jewelry on the girl in the video was provided by of my favorite lines.  These pieces are real metals, made beautifully and simply, and are the ones that you just sorta never take off.  Even while you are swimming in your awesome art deco style pool.  At your phenomenal mansion.  On the bay.  Leading to the ocean.

For Kenny's wardrobe, we went with "Bond Kenny" as opposed to "Cowboy Kenny" or "Concert Kenny."  Sleeker fits, mostly John Varvatos sweaters, and custom-tailored pants.

Shaun Silva directed this beautiful piece.  It is sultry, for sure.  So be warned!!!  I am so proud to have been on it, and to have helped create it.  These are the jobs that make me pinch myself.  Enjoy!


Friday, June 1, 2012

Kenny Chesney::Mens Health

Our client Kenny Chesney is on the cover of Men's Health this month wearing a shirt we bought him.  Cannot take credit whatsoever for the body underneath it, but at least somewhat in helping show it off.  :-)  You're welcome, ladies.