Friday, May 11, 2012

Just a Fun Weekend Tip

It's been a Bonks Week.  Short for bonkers, of course.  I've taken to shortening just about everything, including "bonkers", which is probably not even a word.

Carrie and I had basically an all-night video shoot for Edens Edge on Wednesday, and the song is AWESOME.  You should go to iTunes and buy it.  It's called "Too Good To Be True."

Here's a live video of them from Eddie's Attic singing it.  They're talented *and* beautiful.  That's probably pretty obvious.    


Anyway, back to my free tip of the day to you about, what else, lipstick and nail polish.  In this picture we took during the performance segment of the video, Hannah (on the left) is wearing an awesome orangey red lipstick called "Lady Danger", which just sounds like the weekend to me, and an Essie polish called "Geranium", which also sounds like the weekend if you're old like me and garden on Saturdays.  Hannah has a cool complexion, but a little red in her hair so the orangey red lipstick works GREAT on her. You can kinda see the nail polish, but hopefully that will keep you on the edge of your seat for the Peter Zavadil-directed video out shortly!
Makeup was done by Lindsey Doyle (and also she took the picture :-)

Lady Danger by MAC
Geranium by Essie

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