Thursday, May 31, 2012

Deal of the Day::Tinley Road on Piperlime

Tinley Road is one of those brands that's perfect for my friends who want to have nice things but honestly either don't have the money to buy pricey brands or would rather vacation or eat out than use their disposable income on clothes.  In my experience the pieces have always been right on with craftsmanship,  and have been oh-so-cute.  Here are a few that I'm digging right now, all on Piperlime.
Karlita pump, $49
Remember that blog I wrote a while back about how pointed pumps were all the rage again?  Here's your colorful pointed pump for under $50!

Peter Pan Collar blouse, $39
Those little baby polka dots make me wanna make up a song about polka dots and sing it.  The second verse would be about how awesome they would look with those pink pumps.

Double Layer V-dress, $44
You could eat a lot of barbecue in this easy summer dress.  Look how flowy, but not frumpy it is.  

Chevron Drop earring, $20
Said this before, and I'll say it again.  Never met a chevron I didn't love.

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