Thursday, May 31, 2012

Deal of the Day::Tinley Road on Piperlime

Tinley Road is one of those brands that's perfect for my friends who want to have nice things but honestly either don't have the money to buy pricey brands or would rather vacation or eat out than use their disposable income on clothes.  In my experience the pieces have always been right on with craftsmanship,  and have been oh-so-cute.  Here are a few that I'm digging right now, all on Piperlime.
Karlita pump, $49
Remember that blog I wrote a while back about how pointed pumps were all the rage again?  Here's your colorful pointed pump for under $50!

Peter Pan Collar blouse, $39
Those little baby polka dots make me wanna make up a song about polka dots and sing it.  The second verse would be about how awesome they would look with those pink pumps.

Double Layer V-dress, $44
You could eat a lot of barbecue in this easy summer dress.  Look how flowy, but not frumpy it is.  

Chevron Drop earring, $20
Said this before, and I'll say it again.  Never met a chevron I didn't love.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Just a Fun Weekend Tip

It's been a Bonks Week.  Short for bonkers, of course.  I've taken to shortening just about everything, including "bonkers", which is probably not even a word.

Carrie and I had basically an all-night video shoot for Edens Edge on Wednesday, and the song is AWESOME.  You should go to iTunes and buy it.  It's called "Too Good To Be True."

Here's a live video of them from Eddie's Attic singing it.  They're talented *and* beautiful.  That's probably pretty obvious.    


Anyway, back to my free tip of the day to you about, what else, lipstick and nail polish.  In this picture we took during the performance segment of the video, Hannah (on the left) is wearing an awesome orangey red lipstick called "Lady Danger", which just sounds like the weekend to me, and an Essie polish called "Geranium", which also sounds like the weekend if you're old like me and garden on Saturdays.  Hannah has a cool complexion, but a little red in her hair so the orangey red lipstick works GREAT on her. You can kinda see the nail polish, but hopefully that will keep you on the edge of your seat for the Peter Zavadil-directed video out shortly!
Makeup was done by Lindsey Doyle (and also she took the picture :-)

Lady Danger by MAC
Geranium by Essie

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Nail Polish I NEED

I went a day without nail polish yesterday.  I didn't feel like me the entire day.  Turns out that when I decided I was going to be a person who always wears nail polish a couple years ago, I really stuck to it.    The problem the other night when I went to my collection to do a polish change, however, was that there were way too many dark, rocker, 8 shades of almost black polish and hardly ANY springy choices to be found.  I'm ready for my nails to come out of their depression, out of their Goth phase and into the light of spring.  Here are a few shades I'm really loving right now...with some notes.  

Do you have a favorite Spring color I should know about?  We gotta share this stuff, people!

1.  Essie Nail Polish in Pretty Edgy, $8, Nordstrom.  I got this polish at a manicure a couple weekends ago to match a couple black and white dresses I was wearing to some wedding festivities.  It was the perfect pop of leafy green.
2.  Butter London Nail Lacquer in Jaffa, $14,  I really like this brand of polish.  My mother-in-law bought me some a while back.  One of the things that's great about Butter London, is it doesn't have all the stuff in it that's going to seep into our nail beds and eventually kill us.  I should totally do marketing for them, right? "Nail Polish That Won't Make You Die a Slow Painful Death".  I'm good.  And this melon-y, tangerine color is the first I'm going to buy this spring.  One of my Nordstrom friends had it on the other day, and it is really great in person.
3.  Cook MAC Nail Lacquer in Al Fredo, $16, MAC.  This bright yellow is awesome, and a great way to bring some neon into your life.  I've never used MAC polish though.  Anyone have any experience with it?
4.  Perfect Pink Nail Polish in Fuschia, $0.99, Forever 21.  This junk is probably going to chip off one hour after putting it on for 99 cents, BUT I really do want a perfect fuschia polish this spring.  Kinda like my favorite color from the Crayola 64 box when I was little:  violet-red...which was tied with magenta. 
5.  OPI Nail Polish in My Boyfriend Scales Walls, $8,  The OPI Spiderman collection is awesome.  I really want ALL the colors, but I think that white polish is just so cool.  Maybe even paint four nails one of these other colors and the ring finger nail white if ya don't wanna white out all your nails.  Speaking of "White-Out", how many of you totally used white out to paint your nails when you were in, like, 6th grade?  Please tell me it wasn't just me.  Speaking of dying a slow death, that couldn't have been good for me.
6.  Essie Nail Polish in Barefoot in Blue, $8,  This color reminds me of Cinderella's dress.  I want it so bad.  This might be the perfect Spring blue.  No lie.