Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Style Highlights: Neons + Neutrals

One of my FAVORITE things ever is color.  Don't hire me as a stylist if you want your artist to wear all black.  I can only do the "rock and roll, I'm a bad-A" look for so long before I hafta break out the big guns.  And the big guns this spring come in the form of colors we were scared to wear in the 80's.  These neons are not messing around.  A way to temper their effect is to pair them back with neutrals like the gal from a new fave blog, Atlantic-Pacific, is doing below with that awesome jacket and khaki dress combo.  Khaki is just one of the neutrals I highlight below with a few combos of my own.  Don't hesitate to just pile neon on top of neon though.  You can certainly do more than one shade at once.  But maybe to keep from looking like an actor on the Disney Channel keep it to, say two or three at a time with the majority of your outfit being the "neutral."
Photo courtesy Atlantic-Pacific (a great style blog)
Stripe Burnout Midi Dress, $56, Topshop; Plantlife Scarf, $52, Madewell; Leather and Bead Wrap Bracelet, $28, Free People; Joia Envelope Clutch, $46,
1969 Chambray Shirt Dress, $69.95, Gap; Sport Chain Bangles, $28, Topshop; Neon Marquis Stretch Bracelet, $68, Ann Taylor; Dolce Vita Garren Wedge, $178,
Garment-Died Midi Shorts, $59, Madewell; Perfect Ex-Boyfriend Shirt, $59.50, Madewell; Neon Layered Necklace, $4.80, Forever 21; Cheap Monday Faye Suede Belt, $30,


Misty said...

i want those shorts. now.

ashley hawthorne said...

balancing neons with brights makes them so much more accessible!! thanks for the tips :)

I cannot wait to see how this trends translates to home fashion in the next couple years.