Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Winter Items to Stock Up On

My amazing sis-in-law and assistant Beth had a GREAT idea for a post the other day.  She thought it would be great if I gave y'all a guide on the winter sale items you should stock up on while they are on sale.  Sure, you may not be able to wear any of them until next year, but it will be a really fun surprise when you switch your closet around this fall.  It might even make that job fun!  Here are some of my picks:

Cosabella Mood Swings Boxed Gift Set, $55, regular $110,
For a while after the holidays, it's easy to find items you use regularly (like underwear :-) on sale simply because they are "holiday boxed."  Like this example, it's the same great Cosabella style you would buy for $25/pair, but it has been packaged for Christmas.  There's nothing that 
says you can't stock up for yourself and just take it out of the box.  
(Other things to look for:  nail polish, body wash, and face products.)

Spotted Zigzag Tights, $9.95, regular $22, Anthropologie
Not only can you keep wearing these for a month or so still, store them away for next winter.  
Pattern tights will always be in.

Drapey sequin tank $29.99, regular $78, J. Crew
Sequins abound for New Years and then they sort of die.  There are tons of occasions during the year that could call for a sequin tank, however:  like one's birthday week, your friend's bachelorette party, a fun dinner party, or if you're Serena van der Woodsen, bedtime calls for sequins!  Not to mention that this black sequin tank can be recycled in countless ways for New Years to come!

7 For All Mankind Jiselle Flare Jean, $133, regular $189, Revolve Clothing
Take it from someone who used to be a boutique buyer:  the basics of premium denim do not change much from season to season.  It is common among companies like J Brand or 7 to rename styles and clear out the old style, and to present new washes seasonally.  BUT especially when it comes to tried and true dark washes, the look changes very minimally.  So why pay more for this season's model when last season's model would work just as well!  


Braden boot by Vince Camuto, $99.99, regular $149, Piperlime
I mean, this boot may not actually be "timeless", but a fitted to-the-knee boot with a walkable heel will be a go-to for the forseeable winters just because, well, people wear boots in the winter!!       

Sabine One Shoulder Dress, $64.99, regular $79, Piperlime
Again, back to sharing my expertise as a former boutique buyer...there's a season called "resort" that the average Joe may not even be aware of.  Stores receive it right after the holiday shipments and they are full of brightly colored, thin fabrics sewn specifically for those shoppers who "winter" or who "vacation in January" or who "holiday" places or go to "resorts" during breaks.  So, these things have been hanging in stores for a few months, but now that all the new spring stuff is coming in, the resort stuff has to go...on sale!  But now's the time you can actually wear it.  Look for maxi dresses like this one, white jeans and pants, and other beachy prints!

The North Face East Village coat, $208.90, regular $299, Nordstrom
This is the time of year to buy a coat, any coat.  Buying basics like pea coats and lined trenches is a perfectly fine decision, but I like to take this opportunity to buy something utilitarian (read: boring therefore I don't want to spend a load) OR something I'd never buy.  Translation:  now's the time to purchase that almost impractical 3/4 sleeve wool boyfriend coat where the weather has to be cold but not quite too cold to wear it OR this puffy coat (snooze cruise, boring, utilitarian.)  If you live in a cold climate or visit them or work outdoors a lot like I do, a quality down-filled puffy coat that covers your butt like this one will be one of the best purchases of your life, even though it isn't all that fashionable.  It's like wearing a sleeping bag for Pete's sake.  Just wear a cute hat
and be okay with staying warm, mmmk?

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