Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day, Dear Readers!

Because I love the snot out of y'all, and I can't send every blog reader a box of average drugstore chocolate, I made you a list of some of my favorite Valentine's Day-themed items!  And they're way less fattening.  However, if you're gonna wear that white swimsuit (5) this summer, you should probably just toss those chocolates straight in the trash can right now.  Call me the voice of reason.  But look at all those accessories on the list...Eat up!  See, I do love you.  Happy Valentine's, Everyone!
1.  "Hers" brass heart necklace by In God We Trust, $40, needsupply.com.  My love of small jewelry is well documented.
2.  "Forget Me Not" ring by Kiel Mead, $58, fredflare.com.  See #1.
3.  Deborah Lippman polish in Bad Romance, $17, amazon.com.  Good luck getting glitter polish off without a table saw, but it sure is festive when it's on there.
4.  Heart sunglasses, $16, Urban Outfitters.  Yeah, so maybe this is taking the whole heart thing a little far, but why not go all the way on this, the cheesiest of holidays.
5.  Marilyn Monroe Heart Swimsuit by Wildfox, $160, revolveclothing.com.  I LOVE WILDFOX.  The coolest t-shirts.  The coolest jewelry.  And now SWIMSUITS!!!  I'm literally in love. (Sure hope that white swimsuit is well lined though.  Yikes.)
6.  Embroidered Heart Pillow by HoneyPie Design, $36, etsy.com.  So adorbs all year, not just today.
7.  Cut-out Heart Top by Dansk, $60.88, ASOS.  It's not sewn on there.  That heart is cut out.  So cute.
8.  Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Fire & Ice, $6.39, drugstore.com.  Classic Marilyn Monroe red right here.  The same color has been with Revlon since the 50's.

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