Monday, January 23, 2012

Dreaming of the Sedona Sunset

It's so dreary in Nashville.  And wet.  And cold.  At least if you live further north, you get pretty snow to go with the frigid temps.  We get rain.  So it's just nice and damp here for months at a time.  Like last night, for example.  While lying in bed trying to decide if we should go to the basement to avoid the potential tornadoes, I flashed back to last summer on our family trip to Arizona--"it's a dry heat."  We drove to the Grand Canyon one day, and on the way back, some of us made a pit stop in Sedona and watched the sunset over the red rocks.  Now, I look quite bedraggled in the pic above*.  Remember that "drive" to the Grand Canyon?  Well, it was 3.5 hours one way and included 5 kids under the age of four.  It was fun though.  It was.  And also, I'm really sorry about the people in the background of our lovely shot, especially the lady wearing the unfortunate seafoam green shorts and sporting a hefty wedgie.  Oh, God bless her.

I digress.

I actually really wanted to post about all the Southwest patterns popping up everywhere, so whilst I was dreaming about being in the warm, DRY air of Sedona last night, I was also dreaming of the prints below!  They're literally on everything these days.  And I'm in love.

*Actual sunset pic at bottom.

1.  Pendleton for Opening Ceremony Pencil Dress, $179.70, Shopbop.  Dude.  This dress is majorly on sale.
2.  Ecote Bucket Bag, $39, Urban Outfitters.  You'll never be able to find jack squat in this bag, but who cares when you look this adorbs.
3.  Geometric Woven Scarf, $10.80, Forever 21.  Can't beat Forever21 for some cheap stuff, ya know?
4.  One Teaspoon Native Poncho, $215, Singer 22.  This one is a little more of an investment, but I think these colors all look so good together!
5.  Southwest-Inspired Boyfriend Shirt, $54.99, Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply.  I've been loving this Ralph Lauren collection that recently showed up at our Nashville Macy's.  It's all so perfectly wearable for right now and decently priced too.
6.  Badlands Woven Belt, $68, Nasty Gal.  Would look great with a pair of cords.
7.  "Revolver" Wedge Boot, $149.95, Jeffrey Campbell.  Leave it to Jeffrey Campbell to throw some Southwest print on a bad-A wedge.  I mean, so great.  And that color will forever more remind me of the "burnt sienna" crayon from the 64 box with the sharpener.  Gah.  It was the perfect color for the roof of houses in my Cinderella coloring book.

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Melissa said...

I'm totally loving these prints! I need the scarf and the Ralph Lauren shirt in my yesterday.