Monday, November 28, 2011

Lauren Alaina::In Performance at the White House

So I kinda met Obama.  Okay, I didn't.  But I was one degree away from it.  Because Lauren met him and she was wearing a dress I bought her, and so therefore, I met him.  I'm in love with that dress actually.  Like I kinda wanna have a party with those ruffles on the front.  And I wish y'all could see the shoes.  I wanna marry them.  I put a picture of them on the bottom so you can fight me for their betrothal.

Lauren is wearing a BCBG dress and Abyss by Abby earrings. Dierks is wearing his usual dashing good looks. Unfortunately, he looks great, so I can't offer him my services.


Vince Camuto Jamma Platform Pump


Anonymous said...

Lauren Alaina has an amazing voice and will be a force to be reckoned with in country music in the not too distant future. Love her outfit and she is such a beautiful young lady!!!

Unknown said...

Lauren looks beautiful... what a good color for her! And yes, I think I will fight you for those shoes!! LOVE. xo.