Monday, November 28, 2011

Honey I Shrunk the Sweater

Here's Ruthie in that AMAZE sweater, Lelia, me and Caroline post dinner
I spent a GREAT Thanksgiving holiday in Louisiana, and part of my time was in Baton Rouge.  Yay!  Geaux Tigers!  One of the most fun nights I've had in a while was an evening with several of my good friends including two of my besties Caroline and Lelia, and another old friend that I absolutely adore, Ruthie Sayles. You may remember her. I blogged about her awesome hair pieces last year.  Please check out her website and drool over her amazing house on Design Sponge here.   

So Ruthie had on the cutest sweater that I had just seen at Anthropologie.  While I was spending some much-needed "shopping for myself" time there, I couldn't help but notice the racks were LOADED with cropped sweaters, and I thought to myself, "Gah, if I weren't a stylist, I would have NO idea what to do with these."  I mean, you'd be seriously hard-pressed to find a sweater right now that doesn't look like it went through an extra-hot dryer cycle.  Ruthie had the one below on with a striped long-sleeved shirt underneath hanging out the bottom about 6 or 8 inches with black leggings and a burnt orangey-brown boot.  It looked amazing, and that's one way to wear a cropped sweater.  Another way to avoid having your turkey belly hang out the bottom of this season's short sweaters (wait, I'm not the only one with a turkey belly this week, right?) is to wear with high-waisted flare jeans layered over a cute plaid shirt.  I came up with one more way, which I've highlighted below that you may not have thought of yet.
1.  Alabaster Tassels Sweater, $99.95, Anthropologie.  In Ruthie's words, "I've worn this thing three times a week since I bought it."  It literally is perfect, and it's actually shorter than it looks in that picture in person.  Adore the fringe.  
2.  Nine West Janajay Ankle Boot, $129,  One of the big boot trends this season is a hybrid of "I'm going hiking" but I'm still a hot chica.  If you're wanting a new boot to add to your collection from last season, think about this one.  And that fur trim never hurts for keeping your little footsies nice and toasty.
3.  Sugar and Spice Dress, $138, Free People.  Maxi dresses and skirts are still having a major moment.  I especially love the high-low hem of this one, which makes it a little more interesting.  Y'all know that I've been doing Girls of Grace fashion shows this year, and one of the tips I gave in the Fall shows was transitioning your summer maxi dress to Fall/Winter by layering with it.  That's what we're doing here.  We're adding tights and the cropped sweater to warm it up a bit and also to get more use out of a piece you may have put in the basement already.
4.  Annie Embroidered Western Shirt, $78, Levi's.  Talk about having a "moment."  The denim shirt is on fire.  For like the last two years.  Way to go, Denim Shirt!  You totally did it!  So you probably already have one.  Well, to add another texture and another layer for the chill, put it over your dress, button that baby up and then put the sweater on top--the collar should come out the top and the shirt should hang out the bottom.  You'll be like the hippest accountant on top and a Free People employee on the bottom.  Bam.  
5.  Arrow Drop Earring, $19, Urban Outfitters.  I love these earrings.  The geometry of them is great, and they're kinda brassy looking and not all shiny-cheap-I cost 3 dollars gold.  I actually bought them for GAC Top 20 host Nan Kelley, and she wore them last week on the countdown.  So they passed the look good on TV test.  I mean, FYI.  In case you have any TV appearances coming up.
6.  Nordic Fair Isle Tight, $18, Urban Outfitters.  And here we have the tights, which are probably a staple for you this time of year.  These are grey but with a cool "fair isle" pattern, which makes them blend right into our outfit but add a little hit of pattern.  

If you wanna get extra cute and cozy, add a slouchy beanie and while you'll look all OMG look at her just throwing that outfit together on the outside, on the inside you'll know it feels like you're wearing a Forever Lazy cuz you're so cozy. So, there you have it.  How to wear a cropped sweater.  You're welcome.


Melissa said...

i love this post! i saw your reply to my comment and went to this post and had a moment. i have tons of cropped sweaters and now that i have the idea to pair them with my denim shirt, instant fall wardrobe! i feel like you're my new best friend, why didn't i find your blog sooner?!

Amber Lehman said...

Well, I don't know, Melissa, but I'm glad you finally found it! Keep coming back and keep commenting. Comments make your new BFF feel good :-).

Melissa said...

Went shopping downtown today and passed by free people. I saw the window display had a cropped sweater over a maxi, longer in the back, with tights. Totes thought of this post!