Saturday, October 15, 2011

Justin Moore::"Bait a Hook" Video

Beth, testing out the size of our hat flame
I think with this video everyone in a 20 mile radius of my hometown was able to live vicariously through me.  See, I am from the "sticks", as we like to call it in Louisiana.  And I kinda grew up in a racing family.  Basically that means that on the weekends I hung out at the racetrack.  Yes, those who know me in Nashville want to be surprised about this, but you find that you really aren't.  I would sit in the bleachers attempting awkward middle school conversation with friends over the din of some janky old race cars that some good ole boys had built in their front yards.  The perk?  My nana worked the concession stand, so it was all-you-can-eat popcorn.  So, when I got the call to work on the Justin Moore video for "Bait a Hook", I felt uniquely prepared.   All the members of my family still follow NASCAR religiously, so I couldn't have been more excited to meet Carl Edwards. And I got a couple little speaking parts on the ESPN B-roll that was doing behind-the-scenes--that was a little mini-dream come true.  First and last time I'll ever be on ESPN most likely.

In styling for this video, I didn't do a ton with Carl.  He has a great body, so we just put him in a fitted henley, his fishing outfit.  And then the suit just needed to fit well also.  And since Justin is a country boy, snap-buttons were pretty much the only choice.  The thing that I labored INTENSELY over--I mean, 20 straight hours with the help of  one of my assistants, Beth--were the pit crew uniforms.  They got a sweet 5 seconds of glory, but how good do they look?  I would pretty much call myself an expert at cutting out swimsuit fabric now (the flames on the legs and back.)  And thank goodness I'm married to a graphic designer too.  Matt made me some awesome fake logos to jazz up those coveralls.  The take home message here is that with a trip to JoAnn and some excellent hired help, you can pretty much make anything.  Enjoy this very hilarious video (which you will super-enjoy if you're also a NASCAR fan) and some behind-the-scenes photos below.

                            Bait a Hook - Justin Moore - Justin Moore Videos

                         And here are the uni's in all their glory


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