Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cozy Cardi Season

You know what I love?  A cardigan.  They're about my favorite piece of clothing.  And this time of year, I love an extra long one because they are the perfect cozy cover-up to cut that Fall chill.  I just wandered around Anthropologie for a few minutes, and saw about six I wanted, but I'll widen my search and show you a few more that I've got my eye on.  The most on-trend cardigan for Fall is probably more of a blanket or poncho style, but let's be honest, everyone shouldn't wear a poncho, so I'm giving you more options if you're not into the super-drapey, unfitted look of wearing an actual blanket.
Patterned shawl-collar cardigan, Gap, $89.95
The positioning of the print is fun and those toggle buttons are so adorbs.  This shape is a great alternative for someone who likes to show off their waist.
Southwestern-Pattern Wrap Cardigan, Old Navy, $54.94
This is SUCH a good deal compared to these others and still completely on-trend.
Knitted Shawl Cardigan, Topshop, $96
This grandpa shawl cardi is in a fantastic color for Fall.
Line-Upon-Line Cardigan, Anthropologie, $39.95
A neutral pattern in such a dramatic length.

Dolan Collared Blanket Cardigan, Shopbop, $231
Not cheap, but oh so gorge and so perfect with a wool floppy hat.  And while quite "man repeller", who doesn't kinda want to wear a blanket? Who? Tell me.

How to wear:  My favorite way to wear a cardigan like one of these is just open over a plain tank or fitted v-neck with corduroys, boots, and a wool hat--a wide-brimmed fedora or floppy hat would be sweet.  I actually wore one similar to the Old Navy one this morning with a flair leg orangey-colored pair of cords and wedge boots.  Skinny cords tucked into knee-high riding boots is also great.  You really can't go wrong, especially if the cord is in a darker color.  And how cozy?  Cords + Cardis.  They make a great team.  


Melissa said...

hello there! loved this post about the cardis. they're one of the reasons i love fall so much. anywho, i had a question for you. i just got a denim shirt from the men's section at H&M and am completely in love with it. however, i can't seem to find outfits that i love just as much to wear with them. any suggestions? thanks!

Amber Lehman said...

Hi Melissa! I actually just wrote a blog this morning about a how to wear a denim check that out! But I love mine! I wear it open like a jacket over little dresses as an extra layer with tights and boots. If it's sorta longish, wear it with black tights and brown boots and a patterned beanie. This time of year I love a "Cosby" sweater. Ugly sweaters are back, so put it under one of those with a dark pair of denim and a cute heel. You could also wear over a floral tank with a solid colored maxi skirt tied at the waist. Sort of Daisy Duke meets profesh. Good luck!