Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lauren Alaina::The Ellen Show

Love how cute and young Lauren looks here in her Leona Collection top, Joe's leopard print skinny jeans and House of Harlowe fringe earrings.  All of these are definitely some of my fave brands!!!

Cozy Cardi Season

You know what I love?  A cardigan.  They're about my favorite piece of clothing.  And this time of year, I love an extra long one because they are the perfect cozy cover-up to cut that Fall chill.  I just wandered around Anthropologie for a few minutes, and saw about six I wanted, but I'll widen my search and show you a few more that I've got my eye on.  The most on-trend cardigan for Fall is probably more of a blanket or poncho style, but let's be honest, everyone shouldn't wear a poncho, so I'm giving you more options if you're not into the super-drapey, unfitted look of wearing an actual blanket.
Patterned shawl-collar cardigan, Gap, $89.95
The positioning of the print is fun and those toggle buttons are so adorbs.  This shape is a great alternative for someone who likes to show off their waist.
Southwestern-Pattern Wrap Cardigan, Old Navy, $54.94
This is SUCH a good deal compared to these others and still completely on-trend.
Knitted Shawl Cardigan, Topshop, $96
This grandpa shawl cardi is in a fantastic color for Fall.
Line-Upon-Line Cardigan, Anthropologie, $39.95
A neutral pattern in such a dramatic length.

Dolan Collared Blanket Cardigan, Shopbop, $231
Not cheap, but oh so gorge and so perfect with a wool floppy hat.  And while quite "man repeller", who doesn't kinda want to wear a blanket? Who? Tell me.

How to wear:  My favorite way to wear a cardigan like one of these is just open over a plain tank or fitted v-neck with corduroys, boots, and a wool hat--a wide-brimmed fedora or floppy hat would be sweet.  I actually wore one similar to the Old Navy one this morning with a flair leg orangey-colored pair of cords and wedge boots.  Skinny cords tucked into knee-high riding boots is also great.  You really can't go wrong, especially if the cord is in a darker color.  And how cozy?  Cords + Cardis.  They make a great team.  

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lip Gloss Junkie::Glow Like J. Lo

Lip Gloss Junkie here.  Sorry it's been a while.  On top of being super busy, I have been super sick.  No fun at all.  And you know what goes along with being sick?  Dull, lackluster skin.  UGH.  So I've been on the hunt for some products to help me get my glow back.  I've been trying to figure out how to achieve the perfect dewy/glowy skin for quite some time.  Here are a few of my "skinspirations" to get me started:
J. Lo.  Duh.
Lauren Conrad.  Oh, LC.  Teach me thy ways. 

 Sweet Jules.  Could she BE any more gorge? 

Now that we all have sufficient skin envy, here are some of the products that I'm excited about trying during the long, sunless winter ahead.  

1.  Watt's Up by Benefit.  $30 at Sephora.  I'm DYING to try this!!  How cute is that little tube too?  Benefit's packaging gets me every dang time.
2.  Moon Beam by Benefit.  $26 at Sephora.
3.  Artificial Light Luminizing Powder by Smashbox.  $20 at Nordstrom.  Amber and Amber's mom, Deb, swear by Smashbox products.  I wonder if this one is a winner also.
4.  Bonne Bell Glimmer Bronze Highlighting Dust.  $3.95 at  For $3.95, what do you have to lose?  Except that dull, tired skin.

Do you have any favorite highlighters or other products I should know about?  If so, hit me up in the comments section--I'd love to know!  Until next time, glow like J. Lo.  XOXO-Carrie

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lauren Alaina::Good Morning America

My favorite color is purple.  It's all I can do not to put every client in it.  But seriously, it looks good on everyone.  This purple dress is by Amanda Uprichard.  Love, love, love.  So sassy. (Photo credit:  Watch the whole video of her performance here.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Justin Moore::"Bait a Hook" Video

Beth, testing out the size of our hat flame
I think with this video everyone in a 20 mile radius of my hometown was able to live vicariously through me.  See, I am from the "sticks", as we like to call it in Louisiana.  And I kinda grew up in a racing family.  Basically that means that on the weekends I hung out at the racetrack.  Yes, those who know me in Nashville want to be surprised about this, but you find that you really aren't.  I would sit in the bleachers attempting awkward middle school conversation with friends over the din of some janky old race cars that some good ole boys had built in their front yards.  The perk?  My nana worked the concession stand, so it was all-you-can-eat popcorn.  So, when I got the call to work on the Justin Moore video for "Bait a Hook", I felt uniquely prepared.   All the members of my family still follow NASCAR religiously, so I couldn't have been more excited to meet Carl Edwards. And I got a couple little speaking parts on the ESPN B-roll that was doing behind-the-scenes--that was a little mini-dream come true.  First and last time I'll ever be on ESPN most likely.

In styling for this video, I didn't do a ton with Carl.  He has a great body, so we just put him in a fitted henley, his fishing outfit.  And then the suit just needed to fit well also.  And since Justin is a country boy, snap-buttons were pretty much the only choice.  The thing that I labored INTENSELY over--I mean, 20 straight hours with the help of  one of my assistants, Beth--were the pit crew uniforms.  They got a sweet 5 seconds of glory, but how good do they look?  I would pretty much call myself an expert at cutting out swimsuit fabric now (the flames on the legs and back.)  And thank goodness I'm married to a graphic designer too.  Matt made me some awesome fake logos to jazz up those coveralls.  The take home message here is that with a trip to JoAnn and some excellent hired help, you can pretty much make anything.  Enjoy this very hilarious video (which you will super-enjoy if you're also a NASCAR fan) and some behind-the-scenes photos below.

                            Bait a Hook - Justin Moore - Justin Moore Videos

                         And here are the uni's in all their glory


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lauren Alaina::Live! With Regis and Kelly

Clearly we've been busy with Lauren Alaina lately!  Here she is performing her new single "Georgia Peaches" on Regis and Kelly.  Love the Leona Collection top  (based right here in Nashville!) she is wearing and J Brand Love Story jeans! 


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lauren Alaina::"Footloose" Premiere

The Nashville premiere of "Footloose" happened at the Downtown Franklin Theatre last Thursday night, and we helped Lauren Alaina get dressed for the event.  Doesn't she look cute?!  The event was "country casual," so we wanted to keep the one-shoulder dress by Leona a little more relaxed by adding those amazing red suede Diana von Furstenberg boots and some funky jewelry.  I wish you could see the fringe on the back of those DVF's.  It's to die for! 

Lauren is also carrying a clutch by House of Harlowe and her earrings are by Diana Warner, our buddy, coming through in the clutch for us!  Love ya, DW!

Be watching for more Lauren appearances over the next couple of weeks as she makes her rounds on network TV to promote her new album, Wildflower, which comes out this Tuesday.  That day she appears on Good Morning America. :-)