Wednesday, August 24, 2011

As Seen On AshInteriors.Net!--Outdoor Room to Outfit

Hey y'all.  I wanted to share my guest blog that was recently posted on  Enjoy!

Hey guys!  Just in time for it to be super steamy in Nashville and in Baton Rouge, I told Ashley that I was dying to design an outfit around an outdoor room.  I love so much the idea of an extension of one's house into the fresh air that is cozy and really does feel like another "room."  This room is well equipped with tons of pillows for lounging, a neutral airy color scheme with a couple bright pops, and the perfect amount of seating for tons of people talking by candle light and drinking summer-themed cocktails.  Yum!

I wanted the outfit to be elegantly casual, something that you might wear to a dinner party held in this outdoor room.  You would want to look dressed for the occasion, but in a laid-back, effortless way. 

A.  Free People Festival Belt, $38.  This belt in its natural-looking color palette goes with the pattern in this dress and would define the waist of many a printed top.  This belt could be made into a pillow or rug and fit right into our lovely cabana.  
B.  12th St. by Cynthia Vincent Maxi Dress, $260.  12th St. is one of the best brands out there for effortless chic.  She does shoes and handbags too, which you should for sure check out.  This dress in the cabbage rose print with its diaphanous layers is perfect for the temperature extremes of August. 
C.  Revlon Colorburst Lip Gloss in Gold Dust, $7.49.  In my opinion, unless you are just dying over the unique color of a more expensive brand, you can usually skimp on lip gloss.  There are so many great low-priced ones out there, and this particular brand and color is one of my faves, recommended to me by my hair color girl Anjelica.  It's a beautiful peachy neutral that would work on pretty much anyone.  And when hanging outdoors, you don't wanna go over the top with the makeup.  Pretty and slightly sheeny is all you need.   
D.  Gretchen Jones for Piperlime Intuition Ring, $48.  I wrote a blog about this collection a few days ago.  I just love it.  I love everything about it.  Every piece has great architectural detail and a unique personality.  And the best part is that every one benefits Aid to Artisans, creating economic opportunity for low-income artisans around the world.
E.  Crystal Pendant, Nasty Gal, $20.  This outfit called for pretty simple jewelry to let the dress be the star.  I chose this single necklace because it looks like one of those lovely hanging lanterns.
F.  Seychelles Arden Espradrille, $90.  This espradrille is so darn cute.  The bows add a fun bit of youth and whimsy to the more mature-looking dress.  It helps keep the look not so serious.
G.  JJ Winters Crocodile Envelope Clutch, $59.  You could easily go with a beige or metallic clutch to hold your lipstick at our fictitious outdoor party, but why not add a fun pop of color with this amazing teal.  Kinda like the random bright, patterned pillow in the back corner of the cabana, this clutch is unexpected and fun.
H.  Anthropologie Summer Chill Pullover, $89.  If you're like me, you carry a cardigan or light sweater everywhere.  In Baton Rouge and in Nashville, restaurants are not scared to crank up the A/C.  And sometimes nights can even be a little chilly.  (Maybe that's just us in Nashville though. ;-)  A pullover like this one works perfectly with this dress because it cinches in at the waist and will look like you planned a second outfit once it's layered on top.
I.  Benefit High Beam Luminescent Highlighter, $26.  Like I said before, at an outdoor event, you want to make sure your skin looks flawless--all that natural light--eek!  High Beam is one of my favorite products.  Applied along the upper cheek bone and eyebrow bone, you look perfectly dewy, like you've been drinking gallons of water every day and never indulge in cocktails :-).
J.  Elizabeth and James Figueroa Sunglasses, $225.  Everything the Olsens touch is just cool.  No exception with these sunglasses--they look like they came straight off the set of "Almost Famous."  I love how the colors in these sorta look like the black and brown striped pillows in the cabana.  
L.  Hoop in Hoop Earrings by Elma Blint The Williamsburg Flea Market in Brooklyn is one of my favorite places ever.  It's chock full of yummy, interesting food and equally interesting vendors peddling their wares of handmade and one of a kind items.  I met the designer Elma Blint at the most recent one.  I am obsessed with a snake ring she sells with small real emerald eyes.   

Probably like you guys, I'm so excited for fall!  And for Ash and I, that means me dreaming of cozy knits and boots and her of deeper, richer pallettes and outdoor party planning.  Who knows what the two of us will come up with next, but stay tuned for more room/outfit switcheroos for sure!  xo-Amber


Caitlin Colling said...

Love love love the ring!! I have been looking for a long ring forever and I think I just found it!

Jessica Bishop said...

Love your blog, and your logo!! so fab! :)

I'm obsessed with that crocodile clutch. I'm a sucker for anything turquoise.